Trust Your Struggle: Video Series Exploring Mental Health at Uni

Wednesday 25-05-2016 - 00:00
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University can be a difficult time for students, especially during exam season. But trusting your struggle means accepting and believing that everything you are going through now will work out for your good later.

To round up Mind Your Head Month (a campaign to stimulate conversations about mental health) I teamed up with the student media company InHouse Media to release the TYS videos. They feature the university stories of a diverse mix of staff at Bristol University that all students can relate to in some way.


Dr. Foluke Ipinyomi, University of Bristol Law School


“I had no inclination to do medicine but I felt like the only way I could do something I wanted to do like law was to tell my dad that I wanted to go into music and become a pop star. That scared him a little and he said ‘Okay if you don’t want to do medicine, why don’t you try law instead?’ – Dr. Foluke Ipinyomi

Dr. Foluke speaks about studying law at the University of Ife in Nigeria after being

inspired by the TV program L.A. Law. After a demanding seven years at university, she completed law school in Nigeria, proceeded to do her masters and PhD at Lancaster University, and now
teaches law.



Dr. Nishan Canagarajah, University of Bristol Faculty of Engineering 


“I realized I was not the only one. Many people who do well in school don’t do well in university immediately” – Professor Nishan Canagarajah

Professor Nishan tells his story of leaving Sri Lanka for the first time to study engineering at Cambridge at a time where phones and social media were not available. He is now the Pro Vice Chancellor for research at Bristol University.



Professor Ronald Hutton, University of Bristol Department of History


“I look at students who don’t come from common backgrounds, especially those who feel they don’t fit in, and I worry for them because I’ve been there” – Professor Ronald Hutton

Professor Hutton narrates his progress from humble beginnings to his gruelling years at Cambridge. He is now is one of the leading history academics in the country.



Robin Geller, University of Bristol Registrar and Chief Operating Officer 


“I was pretty clear that having started this degree, I was going to finish it” – Robin Geller

Robin Geller talks about four difficult years doing a degree in engineering at McGill University in Canada and her subsequent conversion to law. She is now the Registrar and Chief Operating Officer of the University.



Dr. Madhu Krishnan, University of Bristol Department of English 


“I think it’s important to try different disciplines, to try different ways of thinking so I don’t regret it. I learnt a lot about myself doing a degree that I didn’t enjoy that much so it was worthwhile in that way” – Dr. Madhu Krishnan

In this video, Dr. Madhu discusses her undergraduate degree learning Symbolic Systems (computer science, linguistics, philosophy and psychology) at Stanford. She took a six-year break in academia after her arduous final year and is now lecturing in English.


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