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Varsity: Friday Night Lights

Friday 09-02-2018 - 12:26

Friday 2 February gave fans of the #BristolVarsity series its biggest event yet, packed with action which may yet decide the Bristol vs. UWE championship come April.

This time, it was the turn of the highly anticipated Friday Night Lights to come to Coombe Dingle.

This US-themed prelude to the Super Bowl brought Lacrosse, Cheerleading and American Football together for one night only, and saw victories and losses shared amongst both sides.

Under the floodlights of the Sports Complex, the record breaking crowd of over 600 spectators were thrilled by the Cheer teams, stoking up what was already a palpably excited atmosphere.

By the time the first teams stepped out to play, their audience was very much ready for them.

The American Football match, which pitted the Bristol Barracuda against one of UWE’s most successful sports teams, the UWE Bullets, saw #TeamUWE win the night’s only Varsity point up for grabs, taking the series to 1-1 following Bristol’s Darts triumph in November.

UoB students were left disappointed as the UWE Bullets kept their crown, winning 20-14 and extending their winning run over their Varsity rivals.

UWE, however, was not allowed the last laugh as a clean sweep for Bristol in the Lacrosse leaves Bristol looking likely to secure a Varsity point when the remaining teams play on Varsity Day in March.

Despite the top two UWE lacrosse teams going into the games undefeated, they couldn’t prevent a series of comfortable victories for the #WeAreBristol women’s and men’s first-choice teams.

The women’s seniors won 22-3 against UWE 1sts whilst the men’s 1sts drubbed a UWE all-stars team by a score of 8-2.

The other Bristol teams were equally dominant with the men’s 2nd’s winning 7-3 and the women’s 4th team, scraping through 5-4 after extra time in what was a very close match against UWE’s 2nd team.

The Varsity 2017-18 series is now finely poised at 1-1 after two events. We now look ahead to Netball on Sunday 11 February!





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