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Varsity: The Road So Far

Tuesday 28-03-2017 - 16:12

This week, the Varsity Series continues with Fight Night, Varsity Day and Rugby.

Fight Night is on tonight at 6 pm and will be hosted at the Anson Rooms. The event will presents various fighting sports from Kickboxing to Muay Thai and Taekwondo. This will be the chance to see who will take home the title of martial arts champion.

Wednesday means Varsity Day and will be the most action-packed day of the Varsity Series. In this multi-sport event, it will be possible to attend sports spanning many disciplines from Athletics to Ultimate Frisbee. There’s even going to be some Quidditch!  

Thursday, Rugby will be on the Varsity schedule which will take place in one of the largest and most prestigious stadiums in the South West - Ashton Gate. Whether you’re a fan of Rugby or not, this event will be a great opportunity to watch some of the current and future greatest Rugby players battle it out for that crucial Varsity point.


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The Varsity Series currently stands at UoB 3 - 3 UWE with some results still to be confirmed. If you're a bit hazy on how this scoreline came about, don't worry. We've got you covered.



The Boat Race:

Last Wednesday, the top 10- ranked boat clubs from Bristol University and UWE competed in the Bristol Harbour. The race offered a series of ups and down for the Bristol teams which kept the crowd on their toes. The women's race resulted in a clear win for Bristol to lock the score at 3-1. The result kicked off Varsity with a 1-0 lead to Bristol.



The Bristol University Fencing team gained Bristol University their second point in the Varsity Series.



Walkabout was bursting as a cheering crowd of supporters were ready to see if Bristol could usurp the current title holders UWE.

The result was a comprehensive win for the UWE team, giving them their first Varsity point with and ending score of 2-1 to Bristol.



The Bristol Polo Club picked up our 3rd Varsity Point winning against the UWE Polo Club. The two polo teams were not able to compete in last year’s Varsity Series, which made this an anticipated game for both teams.

American Football:

Sunday was a bonanza of American sport  as the American Football and Lacrosse teams faced off. The American Football resulted in a resounding win for UWE, giving the UWE an extra point in the Varsity Score and bringing the tally to 3-2.



One of the classics in the Varsity Series is the fast-paced Basketball match which took place at the SGS Filton & Wise.

The Bristol University Spartans saw themselves closely defeated by the UWE Jets earning UWE their 3rd Varsity Point making it an even 3-3 in the Varsity Score.


Pick up tickets for all of the Varsity Events here and #embracetherivalry



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