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What Have We Done This Year?

Wednesday 01-06-2016 - 00:00

It's been a busy year for the six of us at Bristol SU. Representing you has been a deeply rewarding experience and we've achieved a lot that we hope will help to improve the University of Bristol experience for all students. 


You can read our full report on the year here. Here is a quick summary of what we've each been working on:


Laura, Postgraduate Education Officer: 


Tom, Union Affairs Officer:

  • Reviewed our democracy and passed principles to make it more engaging

  • Worked to make societies more accessible to international students/postgraduates

  • Lobbied university for more space for student activities (& won!)

  • Reviewed online/finance systems to make them work for students

  • Campaigned nationally against cuts to maintenance grants/increased tuition fees

  • Changes to democracy & systems will come into place in September


Steph, Sport & Student Development Officer:

  • Continued to lobby to decrease the cost of participating in sport.

  • Ensured the University supports physical activity to improve student well being.

  • Expanded and developed the Varsity series (and was victorious!)

  • Helped shape the SU’s and University's personal development offer

  • Improved committee member training which will be introduced over the coming year


Jamie, Equality, Liberation & Access Officer:

  • Launched a new student group accreditation scheme for September.

  • Worked with University to drop grade requirements by two for low-performing schools.

  • Trans students are now better represented than ever before. Join the Trans Student Network by emailing

  • Every first year student got an education about sexual consent this year.

  • Fought, and will continue to fight against the islamophobic Prevent Agenda.

  • Fought against rent increases which will not not create a fairer and more inclusive University.


Max, Undergraduate Education Officer:

  • Campaigned for students to gain access to their exam scripts

  • Created the Richmond Lectures to promote cross-disciplinary debate

  • Researched the student experience of extenuating circumstances

  • Held our first Second Hand Book Fair

  • Led the student delegation as part of the Higher Education review of Bristol University

  • Worked on a new UoB strategy which will reform university governance. This gives students the opportunity to push for more accountability to them from their schools to ensure they receive the optimal experience!


Sarah, Student Living Officer:

  • Organised Mind Your Head month, which raised awareness of mental health and wellbeing. Students are now proudly talking about their experiences

  • Lobbied for, and won, greater provision for student counselling support

  • Students can now loan a bicycle for the academic year with Balloon Bikes

  • Don't Rent Yet raised awareness of student tenant rights

  • Supported students to take the time to find the right flatmates and a good quality home



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