Where will you be on 23 June?

Wednesday 25-05-2016 - 00:00
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Where are you going to be on 23 June?  At home? Still in Bristol? At Glastonbury? Get this question wrong and you won’t be able to vote in the referendum on whether the UK stays or leaves the EU.


Bristol SU has pulled together the key information to ensure that you can vote and more than that, make an informed choice about which way you vote.

Many of you may have already registered to vote so you could vote in the Bristol Mayoral elections, but that may mean that you are ONLY registered to vote in Bristol. If you live outside of Bristol in the holidays then you will need to register to vote there as well. Confusingly, you are able to register at home and in Bristol, ‘dual-registration’, but you obviously only get one vote. You may need to check whether you are registered!

The key to navigating the process and ensuring you can vote, is to ask yourself one simple question: Where are you actually going to be on 23 June?


**Don’t know where you’ll be on 23 June? Register for a postal vote!**


If you are not sure where you are going to be on 23 June, or are going to be away (FYI Glastonbury have announced that they won’t have a polling station on site) then get yourself a postal vote.

There are two deadlines for registering for postal votes:

  • Northern Ireland: 5pm, Friday 3 June

  • England, Wales and Scotland - 5pm, Wednesday 8 June


**Know where you’ll be on 23 June? Register online now!**


If you know where you’ll be then all you have do is spend a couple of minutes registering! Again there are two different processes:

For residents of England, Wales or Scotland: Register anytime by clicking here or visit


For residents of Northern Ireland: You need to complete this form ‘Register to vote in Northern Ireland’

The deadline to register for both is 7 June


For more information, including to find out whether you have registered to vote, click here

Want to find out more about the EU Debate?

There are some simple guides to help you understand the main arguments from the Remain and Leave camp:

BBC Guide to EU Referendum

Independent’s Voter’s Guide to the EU Referendum

Economist’s Background Guide


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