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Why we are having a BlackLivesMatter Vigil

Tuesday 12-07-2016 - 00:00
Black lives matter

Content Warning: police brutality, racism, death

Bristol’s Ethnic Minorities Association and the full time officer team stand in solidarity with the families of those killed by police brutality such as Philando Castile, Alton Sterling and the many more that have tragically died, such as trans and black women, at the hands of police.  

Hearing the news is painful, heartbreaking and we stand in full support with those grieving particularly our black students who could feel confused, angered, worried or unsafe. When justice is being routinely denied to the black community, we must fight and help deliver justice. The repeated killings continue a long list of  black lives being taken by the very people whose job it is to protect them.

Every 28 hours a black life is lost to state violence, a stark indicator that the justice system is systematically failing black people. A collective pain and anger is shared as the world watches injustice, especially with black people that feel their skin is a target for violence.

We stand in solidarity with those who are combating police brutality and put out our full support to those across the Atlantic as they fight against the institutional violence rampant in our society here in the UK and US.

As your Equality, Liberation and Access Officer, Bristol Ethnic Minorities Association and Officer team, we want you to know your lives matter, your grief matters and black lives matter. All lives cannot matter when black lives are being systematically and disproportionately targeted by police. We can uplift each other, support each and come together to make sure we stand up against injustice.

From Tamir Rice in US, a 12-year old boy shot by police to Sarah Reed in the UK- we should call out injustice wherever it occurs.

There will be a solidarity vigil on Wednesday, 13th July at 7pm, Bristol College Green to remember the deaths of black lives during this turbulent time. Black Lives Matter is a movement asking for dignity, justice and the calling of institutions to stop killing black people.

Organised by Seun, our Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Officer, Bristol Ethnic Minorities Committee member and supported by the Equality Liberation and Access Officer and Bristol Ethnic Minorities Association. Please get in contact with us for any further questions or support!


Peace and Solidarity,
Joint statement by Hannah - Equality, Liberation and Access Officer (,  Seun - BME Officer, Bristol Ethnic Minority Committee


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