Your University Packing Checklist

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Congratulations, you’re off to university and sweet freedom awaits. Yet the big move to university can be a daunting one so we’re here to offer a little help towards making sure you feel comfortable in your new environment. With these student essentials you’ll be on your way to making your new accommodation a real home from home.

Your Room

Your new room might seem bare at first, but a bit of TLC can help turn those four walls into your own little haven:


Doorstop: a quick way to make friends with your flatmates without leaving the comfort of your room.

Bedding: bring a few sets to save you sleeping on a bare mattress when it’s washing day.

Mattress topper: it means no need to worry about who may have slept in that bed before you.

Posters, pictures, fairy lights: personalise your room and make it your own, it will make you feel at home much more quickly!

Hangers: begin as you mean to go on, with your clothes hung up and not flung over the back of your desk chair. Creases in your clothes won’t look cool in your first lecture.

Cuddly toys: embrace your inner child and bring Mr Cuddles along.

First aid kit: always better safe than sorry.

A long ethernet cable: you won’t regret bringing this when the Wi-Fi signal disappears at 1a.m. the night before your essay is due.

Extension lead: halls never have enough plug sockets.

Laundry basket: it’ll make the journey from the washing machines back to your room 150% easier.




Don’t let yourself be limited to pot noodles and toast whilst here at university, invest in a few key kitchen items so cooking for yourself can be relatively stress-free.


Crockery: two plates, two bowls and a mug.

Cutlery: bring slightly more than one knife, fork and spoon. You’ll find some will go walkabout as the year goes on…

Utensils: cheese grater, a sharp knife, spatula, colander, chopping board, tin opener and a turner.

Tupperware: handy for everything.

Wok & a baking tray: you’ll find you’ll rarely need more kitchen equipment than these.

Glasses: no wine glasses, you’ll find a few tumblers will be more than enough.




University is not all fun and games, make the new workload as easy as possible by bringing these studying essentials.


A diary: there will be a lot going on in your first term. Bring a diary so you can keep track of all the events you want to attend, and your lectures!

Pens, paper and some highlighters: these basics will keep you going for your first few weeks, as term goes on you’ll be able to work out what study methods work for you.

Backpack: the walk to campus will be ten times harder if you’re trying to juggle 3 textbooks in your hands.

Laptop: it will be your workstation and your portable TV.



Be careful not to bring too much. Remember, when you’re waking up for your 9am lectures, you’ll be looking for comfort over style.


Trainers: practical for all occasions.

A raincoat or umbrella: this is Britain, it will rain.

Pyjamas and slippers: you’ll want to be comfy when you’re snuggled up on a night-in.

Sportswear: your first term is a time for trying new things, bring your sports gear and try some of the great sports clubs available at Bristol.


Please visit our official Welcome Week page for more information:


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