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#FreePeriods is a campaign and petition to lobby the university to provide free sanitary products in all study spaces and at the Student Health Service.

In order to achieve this, we need you to help by signing our petition!


What is the Tampon Tax?

The Tampon Tax is a condition in sales tax law which means that hygiene products are not tax exempt. Unlike essentials such as toilet paper, soap or even condoms, all of which are available for free at the University, sanitary products are treated as a luxury.  Periods are unavoidable so for those who menstruate to be properly functioning members of society, to go to work, to school, and to university we need sanitary products. However, something that is essential is so out of reach for many people. The way that businesses profit from periods and add to the living costs of those who menstruate is sexist and unfair.

What can we do about Period Poverty? 

Period poverty is real and as an educational institution we have a duty to ensure no barriers to education exist for those who suffer from it. It is a hot button issue with retail giants such as Waitrose and Tesco absorbing the 5% tax and Scottish towns piloting schemes where the National Health Service provides free products for young people. 

The institution should commit to ensuring there are no barriers to education posed by biological functions in the same way, admirably, it seeks to look after our sexual health via free STI/D checks and condoms on tap. 

The issues that are posed by the Tampon Tax obviously transcend the University but ensuring that students do not fall into the trappings of period poverty is a good start. Therefore, we want to lobby the University to provide free sanitary products in all study spaces and the Student Health Service.

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