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Climate Emergency Day of Action

Climate Emergency Day of Action

The Climate Emergency is the single biggest issue facing our generation.

On Friday 26 February as we declared a Climate Emergency Day of Action - the finale in a month long series of virtual events, workshops, and activities. Students and Staff learnt about the threat of climate change, how to limit our impact on the planet, and how to pursue a sustainable career after graduation. 

It's not too late to start caring about our planet. 

Missed Out?

Lots of our events were recorded, you can catch up at the links below:

Guest Speakers: Ed Miliband, Mya-Rose Birdgirl Craig, Tony Juniper, Marvin Rees, Larissa Kennedy, Katie Alcott, all introduced by Ruth Day and David Ion.

Recorded Events:

Heatwaves and Mortality: Past, Present, and Future Impacts. - Eunice Lo

So You Want to Teach [Out] About Climate Change? - Dr Nicola Warren-Lee

Decolonising the Climate Movement

Engineering Teach Out Part 1: Creative Solutions to the Carbon Crisis

Engineering Teach Out Part 2: Solving all the SDGs at once

University of Bristol People's Assembly on the Climate


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Watch Along

Hear from leaders in the climate movement, student officers, and climate activists about the climate emergency, and what you can do to help.