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Students make up a hugely important segment of the consumer market. We know everything there is to know about our students, so Bristol SU is the best place to promote your brand or advertise your product to the University of Bristol student population.

Whether you want a short-term boost to a current campaign, or to build a longer-term relationship, we can assist. We offer direct contact with our students, online lead generation, above-the-line awareness raising, or alignment to one of our flagship events. Whatever your need, we can tailor an advertising package to suit. From £100 to £1,000s we can create a high impact campaign relevant for your business/brand.

  • A world top 50 university 
  • A top university for leading employers with graduates among the highest paid 
  • Total Students 25,0242 
  • 13,000 attended the 2017 Welcome Fair 
  • Over 330 clubs and societies

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Freshers' Fair

Talk to over 12,000 students face to face

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The start of term one is always a huge opportunity for businesses. With thousands of new people entering the city, it’s crucial to be visible at the moment they are making decisions about their new lifestyle at university.

Our Freshers’ Fair provides the perfect opportunity to interact and engage face-to-face with students, right at the beginning of their university experience. The Welcome Fair, as we call it, is a colourful mix of commercial, University and student stalls, and is one of the biggest and most popular in the country.

With a footfall of 13,000 last year, it is the perfect opportunity to make a lasting impression and develop long-term brand awareness with students.

A range of different indoor stall sizes and outdoor spaces are available, as well as options for flyering. We also have opportunities for your business to be involved in our freshers' wristband offer. Please enquire for more details.

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Digital Advertising

Deliver your message directly to students

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Bristol SU offers a range of digital advertising opportunities to meet your needs either during Freshers’ week or throughout the year.

Our digital advertising opportunities provide an effective, trackable way to direct students straight to your website or deliver your brand message.

We have a selection of broad and targeted methods available depending on your campaign needs. Advertise online with a banner advert or communicate directly with students using a solus email. We can also target your email to your most relevant audience to make your message resonate further.

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Partnership & Bespoke

Tailored advertising packages to suit your needs

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Throughout the year we offer a variety of opportunities to work in partnership with Bristol SU, enabling us to build you a bespoke advertising package that will work effectively for your brand and our students as well as opportunities for annual packages with exclusivity.

Develop a package which meets your needs and gives you the opportunity to connect to our students throughout the year using multiple advertising methods.

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Attend prestigious events and connect to a wider audience

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We have a variety of events throughout the year which are available for sponsorship, ranging from opportunities at our Welcome Fair through to our Student Union Awards at the end of the year. We tailor our offering to your needs so that you get the most from the event.

We also have over 370 different student led groups that you have the opportunity to work directly with, to both promote your business and to engage with relevant audiences. These groups are made up of a huge variety of sports clubs and societies totalling 1’000s of members, all of which are full of students that are passionate about what they do.

All our groups have programs in place to drive participation numbers and there is a huge range of activities they engage with. Many of our sports clubs compete nationally and internationally, many of our societies have received national awards for their achievements and some have been recognised for their outstanding contribution to local communities and have hosted inter-university showcases and tournaments.

Please contact us and we will put you in touch with the relevant group to secure future awareness, promotion and ambassadors for you and your business. Any level of sponsorship will make a big difference to student experience and will be greatly received.


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Get your message directly to students

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Epigram is a print newspaper written by students, for students, providing an excellent opportunity to be a part of the student experience.

With 3,500 copies published fortnightly and a readership of 10,000, Epigram is distributed throughout Bristol SU and the University of Bristol - getting your message directly to the students. You can also advertise to Epigram’s online readers.

A range of different advert sizes are available.

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