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Winston Theatre

Proscenium arch theatre

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Named after former University of Bristol Chancellor Winston Churchill, the newly refurbished theatre is our finest performance space.

A traditional proscenium arch theatre with dressing rooms, flexible orchestra pit and apron stage, permanent cyclorama, winched lighting bars and versatile hemp bars.

We offer daily and weekly hire for shows which includes use of the two dressing rooms, box office, confectionery stand, venue technician and house rig. 

As well as performances the Winston is an ideal space for conferences, talks and film screenings. It is equipped with a cinema quality projector and screen.



  • Proscenium arch theatre
  • Seats 206
  • Cinema quality screen and projector
  • This space also has additional facilities and services, including:
    Dressing Rooms
    - Flexible Orchestra Pit
    - Apron Stage
    - Cyclorama
    - Winched Lighting/Hemp Bars
    - Access to Box Office and Confectionery Stand
    - Venue Technician



  • During Term Time
    - Unavailable (see University of Bristol Key Dates here)
  • Outside of Term Time
    - Mon-Sat: 09.00 - 23.00
    - Sunday: 10.00 - 22.00