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Feedback and Complaints

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We want all of our members, customers and everyone who deals with Bristol SU to be happy with their experience and the services we provide. We welcome feedback, and see it as an opportunity to better understand how we can achieve our vision, mission and values

If you have any feedback on Bristol SU please email  


Alternatively, you can make a complaint under our complaints policy if your complaint relates to:

  • the conduct of a Bristol SU member or members
  • Bristol SU services (including commercial services, events, the advice service and representation services)
  • Bristol SU clubs, societies, sports teams, volunteering opportunities or activities
  • the conduct of a member of Bristol SU staff
  • the conduct of a Bristol SU trustee
  • the conduct of an Executive Officer (full-time or Chair of Network/Faculty Rep)
  • Bristol SU democratic events or processes (such as elections, the AMM and Student Council)
  • information or publications by Bristol SU or displayed on Bristol SU premises
  • Bristol SU student media products
  • having exercised your right not to be a member of Bristol SU, you feel that you have been unfairly disadvantaged.

This policy is for complaints about Bristol SU only. For complaints about the University of Bristol (including academic matters, or University of Bristol services), you will need to use the University’s Student Complaints Procedure.

Informal Complaints

To enable us to resolve your complaint or problem as quickly as possible, please speak to a member of Bristol SU staff and explain:

  • what is wrong/what has happened
  • what you would like them (or Bristol SU) to do to help you.

The member of staff (or their manager, if appropriate) will:

  • try to help you straight away
  • if it is not possible to help you straight away, let you know what they are going to do and keep you informed
  • check that you are happy with their response and with any resolution that they propose.

If you are not happy with the response you receive to your informal complaint, or you have not received a response within a reasonable time, or you feel that your complaint is so serious it cannot be dealt with informally, you should make a Formal Complaint.

Formal Complaints

To make a Formal Complaint, you will need to complete the online Formal Complaint Form and send to the Executive and Governance Manager, Suzanne Doyle - If you have difficulty accessing or completing this form, please contact Suzanne Doyle.

If your complaint is about the Executive and Governance Manager, please send your complaint to the Acting Chief Executive Ben Pilling - 

We will only be able to consider your complaint if you:

  • provide details of your name, email address and contact number
  • give a full account of the incident/s
  • submit your Complaint Form within 10 working days of the incident, unless there are exceptional reasons why this is not possible.

The Executive and Governance Manager will identify an appropriate member of Bristol SU staff or an appropriate Full-time Officer (the “Appropriate Person”) to process your complaint. That Appropriate Person will:

  • acknowledge your Formal Complaint as soon as possible
  • investigate your complaint and gather any evidence
  • within 15 working days of receipt of your Formal Complaint, inform you of the outcome of your complaint or, if it has not been possible to resolve your complaint within that timeframe, explain to you the reason for this and when you can expect an outcome.

What happens next?

Bristol SU has a number of procedures which may be applied to your complaint, if appropriate. These include:

  • disciplinary procedures for Bristol SU staff
  • removal of Bristol SU’s trustees under our Articles of Association
  • removal of Bristol SU’s Sabbatical Officers under our Articles of Association
  • decisions by the Returning Officer under Election Regulations.

If a particular procedure is to be used in relation to your complaint, you will be informed.

We will report annually on the Formal Complaints we receive, summarising the volume, nature and resolutions of complaints received. All complaints referred to in that report will be anonymised.

If your complaint relates to criminal behaviour, we may refer the matter to the police.

If your complaint relates to “misconduct” under the University of Bristol’s Student Disciplinary Regulations, we may refer the matter to the University.


If you are unhappy with the outcome of your Formal Complaint, you may appeal to Bristol SU’s Board of Trustees by submitting a request to Bristol SU’s Executive Manager within 10 days of receiving Bristol SU’s response to your Formal Complaint.

  • Your appeal will be considered on the basis of the papers you submitted for your Formal Complaint.
  • New evidence will not be considered.

Your appeal will usually be considered at the next scheduled Board meeting following submission of your appeal request. If the next scheduled meeting falls less than seven days after you submit an appeal request, consideration of your appeal will be delayed until the following meeting, to ensure that the Trustees have adequate time to consider your complaint.

If your Formal Complaint concerned the conduct or a Bristol SU Trustee or Trustees, they will excuse themselves during any discussion, deliberation or consideration of your appeal.

The decision of the Board of Trustees in respect of a Formal Complaint is final and binding on all parties.

Appeals to the decision of the Returning Officer during the elections must be submitted before the close of voting in the relevant election and must follow any additional processes detailed in the Elections Regulations.