Stanford - Union Affairs Officer

Talk to me about:

Mental health campaigning

Equality, diversity and access to education and societies

Supporting diverse and underrepresented students groups

Hey, I’m Des Ibekwe and I’m your Equality, Liberation and Access Officer.

As ELA officer I will support and empower students and the chairs of networks to work towards making the university more inclusive. Coming from East London and being a woman of colour I’m all too aware of the issues that can face those from liberation identities.

I want to be able to effect real and tangible change so that we can work towards a more inclusive and better university experience for all and make sure that student activists have an effective means of campaigning. 

Here's what I want to do for you:

1. Work to tackle Islamophobia on campus

In this current climate working to tackle Islamophobia on campus and ensure Muslim students feel safe, mobilising a student movement against PREVENT and working with the university to ensure the Halal foods are available on campus.

2. Advance the #FreePeriods campaign

Advancing the #FreePeriods campaign – sanitary products are a necessity not a luxury and we should treat them as such.

3. Empower networks and students

Empowering networks and students – supporting with campaigns such as ‘Why is My Curriculum White?’, Black History Month, LGBT+ History Month and Reclaim the Night.

4. Ensure that the recommendations from the UUK & BME Attainment Gap report are implemented

5. Ensure that the University properly deal with issues surrounding sexual violence and hate crime

6. Real and Relevant Discussion about consent and adjacent issues

Sexual Consent campaign focused on improving the current workshops and having real and relevant discussion about consent and adjacent issues

You can see my full manifesto here