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Roles up for election:

We are currently electing:

  • JCR (Halls of Residences) Reps
  • Course Reps for all new courses (both UG and PG)
  • PGT Faculty Reps
  • Postgraduate Network Committee
  • Diabled Students Network Committee 
  • International Students Network Committee
  • LGBT+ Network Committee
  • Societies Network Committee
  • Sport Network Committee
  • Wellbeing Network Committee
  • Widening Participation Network Committee
  • Women's Network Committee
  • NUS Delegates 
  • Democratic Standards Committee
  • Trans Network Chair

+ Chairs of Networks

Networks are the grassroots of representation and campaigning at Bristol SU, bringing students together to work on different issues, like Wellbeing and Sport, or represent different types of students, like LGBT+ or international students. Networks run campaigns, hold events, and work with Full-TIme Officers to get things changed at the SU or University.

We will also be electing a Chair of Student Council, who supports SU democracy alongside Networks. See more about Student Council here.

As Chair, you would be the lead representative for your Network or area, working with a committee or volunteers to run its activities. As a key voice in the SU, you’ll also be a part of Student Council and Standing Committee, where you’ll speak up for students in your Network and make sure the Full-TIme Officers are acting in their interests.

We make sure you’ve got the resources and support to do all of this. You’ll be able to bid for money from the SU’s Campaigns Fund, and can get professional support in planning campaigns, holding events and marketing your activities. And remember: you won’t be by yourself with the role. You’ll have a committee or volunteers from your Network, and can always drop into the SU for a chat with Officers or staff

Click here to find out more about what Networks have been up to this year, and scroll down for descriptions of of each Chair role up for election


Why should I run?

Make a real difference - You will genuinely improve students’ lives - whether it’s a policy that gets changed because of your campaign, or a student who finds their feet through the Network community you’ve built. You’ll learn how to maximise the impact of your work and pass this knowledge on to your successor so that we can keep making progress.

Meet some amazing people - One of the best parts of Networks is the way they bring students together to work on the issues they care about. You’ll inspire and support each other, and hopefully have a lot of fun along the way.

Build skills that make a difference - You’ll develop the skills you need to be an effective campaigner, community organiser and leader. Depending on your focus, you can also get hands on experience with marketing, events planning or policy development. At the end of your year, you might even think about running to be a Full-Time Officer!


Roles Available Currently:

Trans Network


Role available in March:

Chairs of Liberation and Identity Networks: 

Women's Network

Disabled Students Network

BME Network

LGBT+ Network

International Students Network

Widening Participation Network 

Chairs of Interests and Opportunites Networks:​ Societies Network and Sports Network 

Chairs of Student Living Networks:​ Wellbeing Network and RAG, Volunteering and Sustainability Network 

Chair of Student Council 

+ Faculty Reps

Currently electing: All PGT Faculty Reps

Faculty Reps are the lead academic reps for their Faculty, working together with the Full-Time Education Officers to form the Education Network Committee. As a leader in your Faculty, you will play a vital role in supporting, consulting with and building community amongst course-level reps. As a leader in the Education Network, you will be a key voice on educational issues at the University and help to shape our campaigning on higher-education policy nationally too.

With full membership of Student Council and Standing Committee, you’ll also be a valuable voice in our democratic structures. You’ll make sure that SU policies and campaigns take into account the needs of students in your faculty, and that other representatives are aware of the issues facing them.


Why should I run?

Be part of the big conversations - Faculty Reps look beyond the experiences on individual courses. From the redesign of all curricula at Bristol, to the future of Higher Education funding, you’ll often be working on the big picture and helping to make some really big changes to the student experience.

Develop your skills - You’ll be invited to our residential development programme and a range of training opportunities through the year, growing your leadership, policy and campaigning skills. You’ll also learn to chair meetings and improve your public speaking!

A great step in your career - If you are interested in a career in academia, this role will be particularly beneficial, as it will give you meaningful committee experience and insight into decision-making and policy-setting processes in Higher Education.


Roles Available

There are 18 Faculty Rep positions in total, with each Faculty having a rep for Undergraduate, Postgraduate Taught and Research students. We are currently recruiting for PGT Reps for all Faculties. 

Find out more about this role here.

+ Course Reps

Course Reps are elected by students to represent them on academic issues. There is usually at least one rep for each year of every course at the University. As a course rep you’ll be a direct link between your coursemates, academic staff and Bristol SU. You’ll help tackle issues like problems with units or assessments on your course, and you’ll be part of the conversation of how to improve education across the University.

You’ll automatically become a member of the Education Network, which brings together course reps and academic societies to work together to make education at Bristol the best it can be. You’ll also become a full voting member of Student Council, ensuring students on your course have a voice in key SU decisions.


Why should I run?

Ensure students get a great education - There are always things that could be improved about your course. As an effective rep you will work with staff to identify issues and make change happen, meaning your course gets better every year.

Gain new insights into your course - You’ll work closely with the staff who lead and deliver your course, and see the context for how and why they teach or asses it in a certain way. Not only will this help you find better solutions to issues with the course, it will also give you a new perspective that might help your studies!

Be part of the Education Network community - You’ll be invited to Education Network events and socials where you can meet other reps and students involved in education campaigning. Along with free food and drink, you’ll be able to pick up some freebies, like t-shirts and lanyards that might help you spot other reps when you’re on campus. 

Experience that boosts your employability - We know you’re going to develop great skills through your role, and we want to make sure that you benefit from this experience when you’re moving on from your studies. You’ll have access to workshops about making the most of your experience when applying for jobs and, if you attend Student Council and and Education Network event during your year, we’ll give you a LinkedIn reference to show what you’ve achieved!

Find out more about this role here.


Junior Common Room (JCR) is a student committee elected in each halls of residence every year that work to give students the best possible start to their time at Bristol. As part of the JCR, you’ll run events and activities that get students involved in the social life of your hall. You'll also act as a representative, speaking up for the interests of your students to the SU and the University. Through Bristol SU, you’ll be part of a wider network of students who work together to improve student wellbeing at the University, and make sure as many people as possible feel welcome and included while they are here. 


Why should I run? 

Make this the best year ever – JCRs are the heart of life in halls and by being a part of the committee you will genuinely improve students’ lives! Whether they’re making friends for life through an event you run, or doing better on their course because you’ve made sure they have the wellbeing support they need, students in your hall will only get the best start to their time at Uni if people like you run and make it happen! 

Meet some amazing people - Sure, you’ll run vibrant events that build community in your hall, but don’t forget the amazing people you’ll be working with to make it happen! Your committee will meet regularly and work on projects together, making it a great way to meet new people and settle in to life in Bristol. 

£10k to spend?! - Most JCR committees have a budget of over £10k, with some getting more than double that per year to spend on events, activities and community building in their residence. Your committee will be trusted to decide how this gets spent and make sure it’s giving the best deal to students. We think that’s definitely a much better way than handing it over to University staff to spend! 

Build your skills - If you want experience running events, managing budgets or just working together with a team, JCRs are a great place to start! You’ll get training and year-round support from the SU and your Residential Life team to keep you developing, but most importantly you’ll get hands on experience and real responsibility in your role. If you want to go to the next level, you can even get involved in planning our 2019 Welcome Week Program – a massive series of events in and out of halls that we plan in collaboration with JCRs. You’ll also be able to count the role as part of a Bristol Plus Award, and we’ll give you recognition on LinkedIn for all your hard work! 

Find out more about this role here.

+ NUS Delegates

Bristol SU is affiliated to the National Union of Students - NUS. Each year NUS have a National Conference to decide on the policy and direction that NUS should work towards. As an affiliated Union we send 7 delegates to this conference (including the Union Affairs Officer) to represent and vote on behalf of Bristol.

In 2019, the NUS Conference will take place on 9t-11th April in Glasgow. You can nominate yourself to be a delegate now until the 16th October.

Find out more about this role here.

+ Democratic standards committee

Student Council is the primary representative forum of the Students' Union. It creates policy which directs the focus of the elected officers. Members discuss and vote on items (motions) submitted by students. It is led by the Chair of Student Council (Zoe Backhouse) who chairs the meetings and is supported by five elected students who make up the democratic standards committee. We are currently electing for these five positions.

The Chair and DSC ensure that Bristol SU's structures and democracy are accessible, fair and productive for all students. The committee also sets the agenda for each Student Council and Annual Members Meeting. The DSC may decide that a motion is unnecessary, or an item is better discussed by a different group. For example, at a Network forum, or via an all-student referendum. These roles are good if you are interested in getting involved with how the Union works and involve roughly one evening meeting a month.

Find out more about this role here.

+ Postgraduate Network committee

The PG Network is a student-led Network for all postgraduate students that seeks to develop an active, strong and vibrant postgraduate community here at Bristol. The PG Network provides a real chance for students to together shape and develop Bristol postgraduate community life. Its cohesive and supportive nature inspires postgraduate students to get involved in organising and attending social events, and provides a platform through which students can effectively feed into and influence the decision-making and priority-setting of Bristol SU and the University of Bristol.

The roles on the Postgraduate Network Committee include the Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, International Representative, Postgraduate Taught Representative, Postgraduate Research Representative, Events Officer and Marketing Officer.

Find out more about this role here.