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Election Rules

Below are the general rules for SU elections. 

If you are running for a full time officer, chair of network, faculty rep or student trustee you must also follow the Code of Conduct and sign and return it - you will be emailed a copy. Course reps and JCRs - you do not need to sign and return the Code of Conduct but should follow the main rules below.

If you have any questions or would like a clarification, please ask the Bristol SU Elections team.

  1. Don’t break the law! Or University or Bristol SU rules. This includes, but is not limited to, not damaging property, not insulting other candidates, and you should avoid using official email lists (it’s a data protection issue).
  2. You must confirm that you meet any requirements to stand for a particular position – for example, you might have to be in a specific year, on a specific course or identify in a specific way. 
  3. All your campaign material (posters, flyers, Facebook pages, etc) should include the dates of voting and the website link. No stickers allowed.
  4. To ensure that elections are fair for candidates and voters, you may not use resources to promote yourself that are unavailable to other candidates. For example, sponsorship or special deals from local businesses. Please ask the Bristol SU Elections team before engaging in any campaigning activity if you are uncertain about its fairness.
  5. You can’t harass voters or record their votes.
  6. By nominating yourself, you allow Bristol SU and UoB to use the photo you upload in promotion material. This includes, but is not limited to, the Epigram newspaper, the Bristol SU website and Bristol SU owned social media platforms.

The main rules are listed above and click here for the full code of conduct. Additional rules may be in effect for particular elections (if candidates are given a budget, for example) or may be added by the Returning Officer during an election. 

If you believe that a rule has been broken, please contact the Bristol SU Elections team, who will provide a specific complaints form. All election-related complaints must be submitted before the close of voting. The Returning Officer will assign sanctions to candidates as needed.

Appeals to decisions made by the Returning Officer will be heard by a panel at the discretion of the Democratic Standards Committee and the Chair of the Bristol SU Board of Trustees.