Monsters, Maniacs, or Ordinary People? | Best of Bristol

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Monsters, Maniacs, or Ordinary People? | Best of Bristol

Presented by Dr Torsten Michel

  • Teaching Fellow at the University of St Andrews 2008-2009, Lecturer in International Politics at University of Bristol 2009 - Current
  • My research areas cover IR theory, International Political Thought, 20th century Continental Thought as well as the Philosophy of (Social) Science. My PhD thesis developed a Heideggerian critique of Critical Realism in contemporary IR theory and is currently transformed into a book under review with CUP.
  • My current research projects focus on the notion and nature of and conditions for trust in international politics. The second project rethinks the notion of death in international politics specifically focussing on politically motivated mass death.


Monsters, Maniacs, or ordinary people? Explaining perpetrator behaviour in cases of mass violence.


Episodes of politically motivated mass violence abound in the contemporary world. What in the wake of the Holocaust was seen as a crime that should happen ‘never again’ has instead been persistently haunting international politics ‘over and over again’. Explaining episodes of mass violence, from ethnic cleansing to genocide, remains a formidable challenge across a number of disciplines, not least as the number and diversity of perpetrators defy a one-dimensional approach.


This lecture will explore the challenges of explaining perpetrator behavior and its central role in devising successful measures for pre-emption and intervention.




This lecture is part of the Best of Bristol series - a free lecture series showcasing the most inspiring lecturers at University of Bristol, as voted for by Bristol students. There are eight lectures taking place across the series from 14 - 30 March. Find all the lectures at


Venue: Great Hall, Wills Memorial Building


Start Date Thursday 23-03-2017 - 13:00

End Date Thursday 23-03-2017 - 14:00

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