Richmond Lectures: Dame Carol Black - Work: curse, benefit, or blessing?

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Richmond Lectures: Dame Carol Black - Work: curse, benefit, or blessing?

***This lecture is being hosted in collaboration with Galenicals (Medical Society)***

Dame Carol Black is Principal of Newnham College, Cambridge, and from 2006 to 2016, advised the British Government on the relationship between work and health, the primary focus for her Richmond Lecture.

The evidence is consistent and fairly strong that work – as long as it is ‘good work’ – benefits physical health, mental health and overall wellbeing.  That is no less the case for most people who are not wholly well or fit.  Indeed most people with long term health conditions do in fact work.  And it is certainly true that good work can enable people to live lives that are fulfilling personally, socially and economically – helping to ensure their sense of wellbeing.

Unfortunately for some people there is no prospect of a normal free working life; they must be supported to live in the fullest possible state of wellbeing that a humane and caring society can provide.

Put plainly an important societal goal is to minimise and remedy the personal, social and economic costs of impaired health and well-being in relation to work and working life.  There are social and economic imperatives to ensure that the links between health and work and work and health are recognised by all, with a need to avert the consequences of ill-health.

For almost 31 million adults in the UK around a quarter of their wakeful time each week is spent in employment, where they are subject to the workplace environment.  Besides occupational health support this offers a major opportunity for health improvement. We should grasp this.


Venue: Winston Theatre


Start Date Thursday 27-04-2017 - 17:15

End Date Thursday 27-04-2017 - 19:30

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