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George - Student Living Officer

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George: Student Living Officer

Hi, I’m George. I’ve just finished by BSc in Physics and I’ll be your elected Student Living Officer this year! 

My role is all about students and their lives – who would have thought from the title! My focus is on the following areas; Wellbeing, Accomodation, Sustainability, Finance and Community Outreach. 

Who am I? This deep philosophical question won’t be answered here, but I can tell you a little about me. I’ve been a part of student groups from my first months at Bristol, from Manor JCR Vice-Presidency to Chaos Physball representative, and loved every part of it! Along with all this, I simultaneously worked 6 part-time jobs over my time at university and also spent time volunteering.  

University is often referred to as a ‘journey’, so I’m going to do that too. My journey was a rocky one, which involved both bad physical and mental wellbeing, struggles with finances, and other difficulties. These experiences have given me a real drive to make a difference for ALL students.  

I work closely with the ‘RAG, Volunteering and Sustainability’, ‘Wellbeing’, ‘Care Leavers and Estranged Students’ and ‘Parents, Carers and Mature Students’ Networks  to champion student voice and create inclusive spaces for all.   

If you have any issues or worries, please feel free to contact me!

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My big plan:

Safer use of alcohol and drugs 

  • Shape a Harm Reduction approach to alcohol and other drugs at the university 
  • Promote education on alcohol and other drugs in the following areas; socially, safe usage, drug testing and ethics
  • Campaign for decriminalisation and regulation of the current harmful drug market 

Improved mental health services

  • Lobby the university to hire more specialist staff in the Wellbeing and Counselling services to better students’ access to support services 
  • Help students access the service they need by making the individual roles of ResiLife, the Wellbeing service, and school staff clearer and review the training provided 
  • Support alternative mental health resources, such as Bristol Nightline, and connect with city-wide services 

Climate emergency and sustainability

  • Make sure University practices/student facing services are sustainable, such as introducing Meat-Free Mondays and reducing single use packaging 
  • Educating students on how to live sustainable and why it’s important, with emphasis on first years 
  • Review SU processes and help student groups become more sustainable 

Community building for students

  • Review the working processes of JCRs and postgraduate community building in halls of residence 
  • Update bar and social spaces within our halls; providing places for students to relax and meet friends 

High quality student housing for less

  • Lobby for a rent reduction strategy in university accommodation which continues to protect quality of service, with affordable options for disabled, international and PG students. 
  • Ensure students understand theirs rights as tenants and support them in the private housing sector by promoting the services of Bristol SU Lettings, hosting Housing fairs and ‘Find a Flatmate’ events.

Here's what I've done so far: