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University of Bristol A Cappella Society is one of the biggestmost active societies at the University of Bristol. With 8 different groups under our umbrella, there’s always something coming up, whether that be a show, a social or simply a pub trip. We were voted the Best Society in the Bristol SU Awards 2017 so we can’t wait to see what the next year has in store! We cater to anyone who wants to sing a cappella – whether this is in a big chorus, in a 4 person quartet or anything in between! We’ll also provide anyone who wants to set up their own group the advice and resources that they’ll need to get going.
Our groups put on several concerts a year, showcasing Bristol as one of the hottest spots for UK a cappella!
Take a look at our  facebook and  twitter pages to find more information and updates on the society's goings on.


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University of Bristol A Cappella Society is one of the most active societies in Bristol SU. Recent socials include:

• Freshers Bar Crawl

• Christmas Dinner

• Scavenger Hunt

• Various Musical Trips

• White T Shirt Bar Crawl

• Movie Nights

• Ensembles Showcases


The highlight of the society's social calendar is the annual A Cappella Ball. Awards for both individuals and groups are given out on this night, which is hosted in a fantastic venue and accompanied by a delicious meal, drinks, a photobooth, a live band, lots of dancing and an after party.


On top of society socials, each ensemble usually organises their own socials for themselves too.



The Bristones

The largest group in the society, The Bristones is the mixed unauditioned group of the University of Bristol A Cappella Society, which provides absolutely everyone with the chance to sing a cappella. With one rehearsal each week, the group allows people of all abilities to release their inner Pitch Perfect, singing a variety of music!


 This is an extremely fun and sociable group, where everyone is welcome.


• You don’t need to be able to read music to join! Absolutely anyone can join, from solely shower singers to first study singers and everyone inbetween. Sing-along teach tracks are provided to help you learn the pieces if you can’t read music, but sheet music is also provided.


Rehearsals: Tuesdays 5:30pm-7pm, AR6, Anson Rooms in the SU

Visit our facebook, or simply come along to one of our rehearsals to find out more!



The Tone Rangers

The Tone Rangers is the unauditioned group for lower voice parts within the Society.

• We sing a massive range of music from barbershop to Katy Perry and everything in between!

• We’re really social with the other groups, especially Top Note, and can’t wait to see what the next year brings!

Rehearsals: Thursdays 5:30-7pm

Have a look at our Facebook page for updates. If you have any questions just send us an email at!


Top Note

Top Note is an unauditioned group for the Upper Voice parts; we’re not just a female group though – if you can hit those top notes then anyone is welcome!

• We sing a range of music from pop to rock to barbershop. This past year we have had a lot of fun singing songs by Katie Melua, Bon Jovi and Amy Whinehouse.

• Our new MDs have plans to try some new and different music genres this year and to hopefully introduce solos into our pieces!

• Top Note is a group for people of all abilities. You are not required to be able to read music as teach tracks are provided and other people are always around to help.

• We rehearse at the same time as The Tone Rangers, allowing everyone to get to know each other and switch between groups if they want to.

Rehearsals: Thursdays 7pm-8:30pm

Have a look at our Facebook page for updates. If you have any questions just send us an email at!


Academy (auditioned)

Academy is the society’s auditioned all-male group and one of the newest additions to the busy UK male a cappella scene.

This year we want to work on solidifying the group’s identity and repertoire, aiming to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe next year!

• We’re looking for good, motivated singers (and beat-boxers!) that are willing to dedicate 4 hours a week to the group throughout both terms.

• We do not require the ability to read sheet music, just a good dose of energy and willingness to learn! However we’re an auditioned group, so there will be an audition process at the beginning of the year.

Rehearsals: Mondays 7pm-9pm, Fridays 6pm-8pm

Visit our facebook page or email to find out more!



All Sharps (auditioned)

All Sharps is an auditioned mixed chorus made up of members who want a more challenging and rewarding experience singing a cappella. We sing a huge variety of slightly more challenging music, ranging from close-harmony and barbershop to collegiate a cappella. 

 If you’re looking to sing a huge range of music to an incredible standard, this is the group for you!

 We often go out and perform extra gigs such as balls, parties, and charity gigs, as well as regular busking in the city centre.

 In previous years we’ve been national finalists at VoiceFest, runners up at the Manchester Amateur Choral Competition and winners in two categories the Mid Somerset Festival. We were most recently semi-finalists at the Voice Festival 2015, showcasing a different style of a cappella to resounding success.

 You don’t need to be able to read music to join All Sharps! Auditions are run in groups so you won’t have to sing alone, and sing-along tracks are provided to help you learn the pieces.


Rehearsals: Sundays 7pm-9pm

Visit our facebook to find updates, or send us an email at



Pitch Fight (auditioned)

Pitch Fight is Bristol’s 12-piece auditioned all female a cappella group, performing collegiate a cappella versions of anything from Queen B to Disney. We’ve had a good run this year and are looking to kick it up a notch in 2017/18.

• We really sing anything our members fancy, if you want to sing it, we’ll help you arrange it. We even have an original song in the pipeline!

• We perform at all sorts of events, from Christmas plays to women’s rights marches, and of course at the many concerts held by the society.

• We compete in national and international competitions, check out our ICCA audition video below.

• We’re looking for some strong female singers (or beatboxers) who like to move and love to perform so come along and audition.

• We rehearse for 4 hours a week plus busking at the weekends but the group tend to spend a lot more time together just socialising, so be prepared to form some real friendships!

Rehearsals: Mondays 5pm–7pm, Fridays 7pm–9pm

Visit our facebook or email to find out more!



The Bristol Suspensions (auditioned)

The Bristol Suspensions are a mixed group who specialise in modern a cappella. After only 3 years of existence, we have become a hit with audiences across the country, being known for our unique arrangements, impressive vocals, and hilarious choreography.

• We sing a variety of music, from pop to country to techno (with beatboxing and soloists) – you name it, we’ve sung it! Check out our YouTube channel to get a flavour of our style.

• We have recorded two albums, released five music videos, sung on live radio, and this year appeared on BBC1’s Pitch Battle!

• We have competed at the ICCA Semifinals, won an ICCA Quarterfinal and received awards for Outstanding Arranging, Choreography and Vocal Percussion.

• We were crowned the Voice Festival University Champions 2016, as well as winning multiple awards.

• We perform regularly at all kinds of events, including society balls, formals and staff events, and we often can be found busking on the streets of Bristol.

• We travel to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival every August, and have enjoyed singing on shows all over the country, as well as featuring on TV and radio! Our 2016 Fringe Run was a sell out, and this year we are embarking on a US tour.

• We are looking for strong singers of all parts (and beatboxers and techies!) to join us for another exciting year. You don’t have to be able to read music, but you will be expected to dance…

• Please note that being a member of The Bristol Suspensions is a big commitment – there are rehearsals, weekend trips, video shoots, studio recordings, and members are expected to learn music outside of rehearsals. That being said, it is the most fun and rewarding experience to have, and we are all really close friends!

Rehearsals: Wednesdays 5-7pm, Sundays 6-8pm

Visit our websitefacebookinstagram or twitter, or email to find out more!



Brizzlebox (Auditioned)

Holding in a barrage of unintelligible noises because they’re not appropriate in any professional, academic or social context? Wanting to express your creative side but worried that people’s ears just aren’t ready? We may offer what you need!

• We’re the Society’s first ever beatboxing and vocal effects group, and one of the first in the UK as well!

• As the youngest group in the Society, we began in October 2016 and have since created a range of mind-bending covers and original material, spanning every genre imaginable.

• We fool around with loop pedals, microphones and anything else we can get our hands on.

• Last year we opened a number of Society concerts and even provided a solid rhythm section for other groups in said concerts, but in the future we hope to become involved in beatboxing competitions and any other opportunities that come our way!

• We’re a mixed auditioned group with flexible rehearsal times (as we tend to number under half a dozen).

Check us out on Facebook or send us an email at for more information!


Ensembles and Quartets

As what's known as an 'umbrella society', we offer the opportunity for anyone to set up any kind of a cappella group within the society. The society supports the creation of all groups and will provide loads of guidance and help out with all the administration too.

 Our ensembles and quartets co-ordinators will help you to form groups if you fancy getting involved.

 We put on termly ensembles' showcases. Loads of people form little groups to perform anything that takes their fancy at these showcases, which are really casual no pressure events.

 Many of these are formed just for fun and only sing at our internal showcases, but some groups perform at gigs to earn money.

 Some of our members compete at a national level and in the past few years quartets have won three awards from the national barbershop organisations (BABS and LABBS) for the best novice quartet. Most recently an alumni quartet, Park Street, won the British championship and subsequently represented the UK at international convention. 

 Groups can be set up in any size and style, from traditional barbershop quartets, small Pentatonix style groups, choral ensembles and full blown collegiate groups and choruses.


Simply email or pop into any Bristones rehearsal on Tuesdays to talk to one of the team and find out more about setting up your own group.





The committee is responsible for the overall running of the society. You can contact the committee by email or post. To find the musical directors responsible for organising music and rehearsals for each of our groups, go to our musical directors page. The committee has regular meetings every week. The minutes for these meetings are publicly available here. Elected committee members also have access to our committee resources. You can read our Constitution here and our most recent AGM minutes here.


Committee 2017-2018

Elected Committee

President Matthew Belsey
Vice-President Lauren Garner-Jackson Me for website
Treasurer Cem Rifat Cem for Website Actual
Secretary Beth Davies
Social Sec. Natalie Egan Natalie for Website
Gigs Co-ordinator Eleanor Leaper Eleanor for website
Publicity Co-ordinator Charlotte Regan 23722376_1637632126293091_1419681044140545435_n
Musical Admin Ella Horne Ella for website
Friends and Alumni Co-ordinator (co-opted, observing) Catt Hurman  29178987_10208497893923529_7988317580588744704_n
Tech Co-ordinator (co-opted, observing) Position Open  
Equality Officer (co-opted, observing) Olivia Witts
Refreshments Co-ordinator (co-opted, observing) Jon Alston
Webmaster (co-opted, observing) Robbie Armstrong 20993877_851058221718803_7288099924442496663_n

Group Reps

Academy Ed Walker
All Sharps Sam Butler sam-butler
Pitch Fight Rhianna Roberts
The Bristol Suspensions Charlotte Regan thebristolsuspensions 23722376_1637632126293091_1419681044140545435_n
The Tone Rangers Thomas Brennan 28829806_1841553775857079_920808845_n
Top Note Ella Horne Ella for website
The Bristones Jessica Petrassi 18300990_1552031124821312_6567480199512365655_n
Brizzlebox James Dempsey




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