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Raising And Giving

Bristol RAG (or Raising and Giving) is the fundraising arm of Bristol SU. Founded over 90 years ago to make a difference in the local community, we raise tens of thousands each year for local, national and international causes! From Jailbreak to raids to international challenges to casinos, we provide a huge variety of ways to get Bristol students fundraising. As well as doing our own fundraising, we also help any student in Bristol who wants to do fundraising for any cause they want, so if this applies to you, please do get in touch!



The RAG Casino is a student run Casino that is hired out by RAG and ran at various formals and events throughout the year. All the proceeds from the Casino go towards RAG’s chosen charities.

The RAG Casino has always been a notable feature at some of Bristol University’s best formal events. In the past we have attended:

  • Founder’s Ball
  • Goldney Summer Ball
  • Manor Hall Formals
  • Wills Hall Formals

If you represent a group who would be interested in hiring out the casino, we offer a range of packages displayed here. If you're interested in helping on our Casino's read here about joining!



Every year we collaborate with other charities and organizations to host fundraising challenges. Participants get to host a variety of exciting fundraising activities and at the end go to one of the chosen destinations. This years challenges are:


- Kilimanjaro
- Machu Picchu
- Everest Base Camp
- Dash to Dubrovnik
- Three Peaks
- London to Paris
- Skydive


Find out more about our challenges here

How to Join Us?

There are lots of ways to get involved with RAG! From being on our Committee to being a rep, there's a role for everyone! Our Committee organise most of RAG's events included our biggest events such as the Naked Calendar, Battle of The Bands and our Hitchhikes.

The other way people can get involved is through our rep scheme. Our reps are welcome along to RAG meetings and can organise events, but don't have to commit to the same responsibilities as our committee. They can also volunteer on our events on an ad-hoc basis - that includes the RAG Casino.

We recruit reps at the start of each term but anyone can join at any time in the year! Our committee is elected at the AGM, however if there are gaps we do recruit in the year too so if you're interested let us know! To find out more about joining see this page.

Interested members can get in touch by messaging our Facebook page or emailing

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