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Welcome to the Bristol SEDS page! We are a society which unites Bristol students who are interested in Space. If you're an Engineer, Physicist, or in fact anyone who is interested in space and getting involved in some (incredibly rewarding) space related projects then Bristol SEDS is for you! From launching model rockets to producing high altitude balloons and tracking them as they float around the world, the projects we do are very exciting, interesting and challenging and we can offer you a very different experience compared to other societies! 

Perhaps you want to be part of a community of like minded students who are interested in Aerospace and the UK Space Sector.  We offer members a community where they can keep up to date about space events for students and also discuss space news and topics. We meet regularly, both for project work, and socially and we can even offer a discounted branch member price to attend the National Student Space Conference (NSSC) which happens every year with students around the country and leading figures, companies and organisation in the Space Sector.

We are the Bristol branch of UKSEDS (UK Students for the Exploration and Development of Space). UKSEDS is a national body for students interested in Space and we represent them in Bristol. 


Current Space Projects (2016/2017)

So, interested? Here are our current projects that you can get involved with!

G-Class Model Rockets

For 2015/2016 Bristol SEDS produced two model rockets with scientific payloads, to compete with model rockets submitted by other UKSEDS branches as part of the National Rocketry Challenge NRC. Our scientific payloads enabled us to investigate the motion of the rockets using accelerometers. The launch took place on 5th of June at Fins Over Gwent Rocketry club in South Wales. You can launch a clip about the launch here

We aim to build another model rocket in 2016/2017 as well, incorporating latest technologies in its production like 3D printing.

High Altitude Balloons (HABs)

We have had much success in 2015/2016 with creating superpressure balloons that we have tracked some distance around the world! One of the balloons built last year – UBSEDS15 - has covered over 50,000 km in 47 days of flight and was tracked all around the world.

This achievement was later repeated by the UBSEDS18, which travelled for over 65,000 km.

Each of the balloons had a printed circuit board (PCB) with a GPS tracker shown below which emitted its position over radio. Solar panels were used and they worked very well in recharging flat batteries during daylight hours.

The latest balloon we have built – UBSEDS20 – tested a camera and hardware for image transmission (based on Raspberry Pi Zero) to enable us to take pictures of different places around the world from our future balloons!

Overall in 2015/2016 we had 9 flights over the year, and we have many more scheduled for the coming year 2016/2017! Join us to take part in the action!

For more detailed information on our projects be sure to check our website




Bristol SEDS Socials

It's always important to have a good balance in life, which is why we are planning for 2016/2017 to mix in a good amount of socials for members from time to time. Expect a society viewing of 'Rouge One' when it is released in December!


Okay, how do I Join?!

To join Bristol SEDS, log in and click ‘Join the Group’ button at the top of the page. The current price of membership for a year is £5.

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