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Bristol University Drone Society Terms and Conditions

Wednesday 20-11-2019 - 13:19
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Bristol University Drone Society (BUDS) terms and conditions


From the Law:

All Members of the Bristol University Drone Society (BUDS) must adhere to the rules laid by her majesty’s government of the United Kingdom, The Council of the city of Bristol and legislation set by the CAA when operating drones at society events. These include:

If a member wishes to fly on their own, then they will be flying as an individual and are not covered by the society. Therefore, members still will need to comply to the laws and rules set out above. If they are found to have broken any of those stated above, they will face prosecution as an individual and not a society member.

Society rules:

Members at society flying events must adhere to the Laws and rules as above. Also, members will need to adhere to rules set out by the society.


  • All members must check equipment for damage or tampering before conducting or operating of a small unmanned vehicle.
  • All autonomous missions flown must be checked by the autonomous UAV specialist for approval.
  • All members must respect equipment owned by the society or other members and must report any damage to a society member or the specific member. Any unnecessary damage caused by a member will lead to them being removed from the society immediately.   
  • All members must conduct operations of small unmanned vehicles without causing danger or a nuisance to the public or buildings (50m minimum distance or 150m minimum distance if in a built-up area or an area of 1000 people or more).
  • All members must conduct operations of small unmanned vehicles without causing danger or a nuisance to other manned or unmanned aircraft and must not enter the no fly zones surrounding any active airport or airfields (2.5 nautical mile radius around an active airfield or airport, 5km by 1km zones starting from the threshold of the runway).    
  • All members must respect the requests from the public and from an officer from her majesty’s Police to stop operation of a small unmanned vehicle.
  • When FPV flying is taking place, a spotter will always keep a lookout for hazards that may be unseen to the pilot
  • All members who want to take part in flying events hosted by the society must have completed their pilot test and have a pilot number registered with the CAA.
  • If a member wishes to fly at a society event with their own small unmanned vehicle then the member must have passed the pilot test and have their small unmanned vehicle registered with the CAA.


Any member that is found to have broken these rules may lead to them having their membership revoked without warning and will no longer be able to participate in any further activities within the society.

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