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On the Bonnie, Bonnie Banks of Fort William

Wednesday 10-01-2018 - 18:48
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Come for the incredible mountains and beautiful walking and climbing, but stay for the great company, chilled evenings and fantastic Caledonian memories.

UBES' Mark Waddoups writes on his experiences of this year's Scotland Trip.

January 4th, 2018. I wake up, only just recovered from mentally scarring motorway experiences, and attempt to groggily stumble to the breakfast bunkhouse. The crushing realisation hits me that it’s now an (almost) unattainable 500 mile walk back to Scotland from my house in Bristol, and not even The Proclaimers can save me from a lonely porridge experience.

Like around half the cohort on this trip, this was my first UBES Scotland trip. We’d heard whisperings about terms like “in condition” and “crampons”, and a mysterious man called Rich who would promise to take us on a ‘journey’ to become serious winter mountaineers, but little did we know of the epic week ahead of us.

After a harrowing two weeks over Christmas where my UBES family was replaced with my less interesting actual family, it was a fantastic to see people from corners of the country as far flung as “the South” and “the East” (generic names for generic places) slowly convene to service stations and Wetherspoons across the North. It was that moment that I knew: this would be an awesome week.

The feeling of shared excitement began to build as... CONTINUE ON OUR BLOG.


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