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Goldney Hall & Hillside Woodside

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Goldney Hall & Hillside Woodside

Join this group to be kept up to date with information and events at Goldney Hall & Hillside Woodside. 

This is the group for students with accommodation offers for Goldney Hall and Hillside Woodside. Find out more about what’s happening with your residences at, and during Welcome Week generally at Don’t forget to start joining in with other students on the Goldney Facebook Group or the Hillside Woodside Facebook Group and the Official Welcome 2019 Group!


Goldney Hall is well known throughout the university for it's lovely grounds and supportive community. Hillside Woodside is a unique property with a close knit community that is actively integrated with Goldney residents.

Students enjoy their time at Goldney & HSWS immensely as there is a strong and warm sense of identity and it quickly becomes a home away from home. Goldney & HSWS are diverse, happy and supportive communities where great memories and lifelong friendships will be made. A loyalty and fondness of the Halls is the product of a distinctive ethos of trust, helpfulness and respect amongst the communities. So that means getting involved and becoming a part of the hall life, so welcome to Goldney & HSWS!

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