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Every Thursday, 8pm-11pm, Carpenter room in the SU.


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LeRoc is a mixture of modern jive and rock 'n'' roll. It is a very fun partner dance, with easy to learn moves. It can be danced anywhere from balls to clubs and it can be danced to a large variety of music. Our classes are taught by alternating teachers all of whom have won awards in competitions. One of our teachers (Matt Kavanagh) was a World Champion dancer in 2013 and 2017!




Annual Membership (£6) Members pay £3 per lesson instead of £4 as a non member. You can also get multi-lesson discounts: 4 lessons for the price of 3 (£9).

Membership Bundle (£33) Membership (£6) plus 12 lessons for price of 9 (£27).  The 12 lessons can be redeemed at any time over the year, and are not restricted to any one term.


If you are interested in what LeRoc looks like, check out our performances at the Dance Show (on Youtube) hosted by Dance Society (most students in the performance started dancing that year).


Although we choreograph our dance show, LeRoc is a dance that mainly focuses on freestyle and improvisation. Which means you can dance to your favourite music without any preparation.


We host weekly classes and we welcome dancers of all abilities(including complete beginners who have never danced in their life) and there is no need to come with a partner.  As a society, we offer you a way to meet new people, have fun and keep fit all at the same time.


We are primarily a society that focuses on the social side of dancing. We often go somewhere after the lesson each week to chat and continue dancing if you wish. For those that have the drive to compete, there is the opportunity to compete at various competition throughout the year, including the world championship at Blackpool. However, competing is completely optional and is not the focus of the society.

If you are new to LeRoc, please remember that unlike other dance societies, you do not need any previous experience, nor do you need to come to all lessons, they are all separate lessons to broaden the number of moves you will know!

If you want to know who's who, here is a list of this year's committee:
President: Joshua Rees
Treasurer: Jess Jay
Secretary: Anna Gasselbauer
Events Officer: Julia Needham
Vice-President: Henry Fuller
NPOs: James Naylor, Martin Bendle, Natasha Davies


Terms and Conditions

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Membership Fee Inclusions

All Club or Society members can expect to receive:


  • Entrance to all LeRoc lessons (Thursday Student Classes at the SU, Monday Public classes at the Folk House) on Park Street for the member price of £3 per lesson rather than the non-member price of £4.
  • The opportunity to stand for a committee position or vote in their elections.

Possible extra expenses

It is advisable but not necessary to buy dance shoes if you come along regularly. These include anything with a smooth - preferably leather or suede - sole.

If you wish to come to the Blackpool Modern Jive World Championships in March to perform or watch you will have to pay the ticket, travel and accommodation although it will be arranged. It is usually around £120 depending on the type and number of events chosen. Many stuudents who join in September are good enough to compete by the time the championships come around.


Code of Conduct


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