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Orienteering is an adventure sport, combining running and map reading. The aim is to navigate around a set course using a map as fast as possible. We travel all over the country and even the world: orienteering in forests, over moors, and through cities. If you want to make running more exciting, or just love fording rivers and climbing crags, then Orienteering is the extreme sport for you! 

Fell Running

Fell running is running at its most extreme. We have weekend trips and races in places such as the Breacon Beacons, Lake District, and the Mendips. Some races are a "straight up and down" where there is no real set course but just a start/finish line and a marshall at the summit cairn. Others are scrambles or long scenic tours of the mounatins. We run throughout the year (even in snow!) and, like Orienteering, have some night events in winter. 

Orienteering and Fell Running

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