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Women Talk Back!

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Who are we? 

Women Talk Back! provides a space for women to engage in lively discussion and debate. We are in pursuit of global liberation from all forms of patriarchy. We therefore centre all women who experience misogyny, but who may also face racism, anti-lesbianism, classism and other forms of structural discrimination that arise from male domination. We are open to all women, regardless of student status, income or background.


Women Talk Back! are committed to the power of sisterhood and believe that it is only through an understanding of our similarities and differences that we can liberate ourselves from patriarchy. We believe that dialogue with each other is the first step towards liberation from oppressive structures and practices. We welcome women from all backgrounds to join and take part in all aspects of the group. We aim to foster a culture of collective responsibility, care, and honesty with ourselves and one another. 


COMMITTEE 2020/2021

  • President (Chief of Mischief): Raquel Rosario Sánchez
  • Secretary (Head Witch in Charge): Erandi Barrera Moreno
  • Treasurer (Unruliness Coordinator): Daniela Pino Valenzuela  

We encourage all women to be engaged in decision-making and we're always looking for more women to join the committee and help us evolve! Please get in touch with us via the links below if you're interested in getting more involved in the day-to-day running of Women Talk Back!. 


What do we do? 

The group is structured around weekly consciousness-raising meetings, where we meet to discuss our own experiences of issues ranging from objectification to mental health. Through the meetings, women can develop an ability to see that issues they previously considered as individual to them are, in fact, shared by many other women and thus generate a consciousness of patriarchal oppression. Meetings are relaxed, confidential and friendly – and also involve quite a lot of cake (vegan and non-vegan)!


When and where?

We meet at the Multifaith Chaplaincy every Sunday from 6 - 9pm. Our sessions are weekly and we encourage you to attend as often or as little as you'd like. We usually take a break for reading weeks and Christmas/Easter holidays. 


Membership and staying in touch 

We want all women to be able to attend meetings regardless of their financial situation, so membership is free. 

If you are interested in attending our meetings, please join our closed Facebook group where you'll be able to find weekly updates and meeting details. 

And feel free to like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter

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