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Hillary: Undergraduate Education Officer

Hi, I’m Hillary and I’m your Undergraduate Education Officer. My role involves representing, protecting and enhancing your academic life. From how you’re taught, to what you’re taught and how you’re assessed, I’m here for you!

I was a Social Policy student whilst at the University of Bristol and spent a lot of my time getting involved in wider university activities. Most notably, I really enjoyed being the Chair of the Widening Participation Network where I got to work with the SU and university in promoting a more inclusive and diverse student body and student experience. I was also a part of the African Caribbean Society where I got to connect with people from my background and share my culture with fellow members and the wider university. 
The highlight of my time as a student was being one of the SU’s NUS Delegates, where I was able to engage with other unions and national campaigns advocating for students, like the People’s Vote campaign!

I’m super excited to be able to represent students full time and continue to fight for a better educational experience for all students. The areas I’m determined to address include: continuing the efforts to decolonise the curriculum, making assessments more suited to student development and making sure pastoral support is the best that it can be.

If you ever want to have a chat about anything, whether it’s an issue with your university work, or you just want someone to listen and have a laugh with, feel free to email me here. You can also find me during my officer open hours on campus.

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My big plan:

Reform university assessments

  • Ensure that the review of assessment reduces the bunching of assessments and promotes use of authentic and inclusive assessment methods
  • Work with the University to provide more timely and consistent study skills support that more effectively prepares students for assessments 
  • Reform extenuating circumstances procedure to make them simpler and tailored to common student issues e.g. mental health 

A more diverse learning environment

  • Ensure the curriculum enhancement project decolonises Bristol’s curricula by introducing more diverse content and practices 
  • Work with University to review their hiring practices and develop strategies to increase the proportion of academic staff for BME or WP backgrounds 

Improve support from personal tutors

  • Clarify role of Personal Tutors and ensure that there is mandatory and adequate training on mental health, identity issues, etc. 
  • Establish and enforce clear standards for how often PTs should be in contact with students and what they should cover with them 

Cutting study costs

  • Reducing hidden course costs (placements, books, printing, etc.), mainly through using more eBooks 
  • Improving promotion of the FAF and other study support provision  

Improve careers and employability support

  • Garner and build strong relationships with alumni for mentorship 
  • Promote a greater range of careers at major events, most significantly careers fairs. 
  • Employability/personal development building through expanding careers sessions to include skills building session (ie. Public speaking workshops etc) 

University and SU working together

  • Greater student involvement in curriculum enhancement projects from end-to end 
  • Improving comms about the SU and student impact (shared achievements shown on university main website, campus-based comms – tv screens, posters etc.) 

Here's what I've done so far: