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Intramural is a great way to play football with your mates. It's a Sunday league style tournament. You don't need to train, just turn up with your mates and play other UoB team every week. It's low-pressure, high-octane fun that keeps you active and healthy. 58 teams play each year so there's plenty of competition.

General Information

  • The cost is a one-off price of £345 for the academic year (Running through Term 1 and Term 2).
  • The season lasts from October to March, but friendlies will continue until May if teams are available. 
  • There is a maximum of 16 players in each team - games are 11-a-side.
  • No referees are provided and so all games are self-officiating.
  • Teams will have matches most weeks (Weather dependant) - lost games won't be refunded but we do our best to rescheduale them. 

Time and Location

Term 1: 14:00-16:00pm - The Downs, Wednesday 10th October 2018 until Wednesday 12th December 2018

Term 2: 14:00-16:00 - Wednesday 30th January 2019 until Wednesday 27th March 2019 - with friendlies continuing into May, interest depending

All matches must kick-off at 2pm (and must be finished by 4pm). Matches will be 45 minutes each way with a 10 minute half time interval. Teams not ready by 2.10pm will concede a goal to the opposition; with one further goal being awarded for every additional 5 minutes they are late (unless a valid excuse and notification is given to the opposition to pre warn them).

Note: A team may kick-off with less than 11 players, though a minimum of 7 is required (the opposition can still field their full team).


Games are liable to be cancelled due to bad weather. It is expected that games will be lost for this reason, please consider this before submitting a team. We will try to rescheduale them if possible, and we apologise in advance for this. 

The Downs' Committee have the final say on cancellations. They priotise their weekend league over our own, so even when the pitches look playable, the Committee often preserve them for the weekend. Unfortunately, they do not refund us for cancelled games, and as the programme is run cost-price, we have no reserve to refund teams.  Ultimately, Bristol SU has no power over these decisions, and no where else in Bristol can facilitate 58 football teams at once. 

Captains will be contacted re: cancellations before the game.

Health and Saftey 

There will be two First Aiders on The Downs every Wednesday so please contact them in the event of any accidents or injuries. One will always be stationed by the Cafe by the Watertower. Please report all accidents to the Student Development Coordinator.

Pitch Allocation

The Student Development Coordinator will email the pitch allocation to the Captains on Wednesday morning by 10.30am once confirmation is received from Bristol City Council (who own The Downs).