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Jason - liberation equality and access officer

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Jason: Liberation, Equality & Access Officer

Hey, I’m Jason and I’m your Equality, Liberation & Access Officer!  My role is about ensuring that all students have a dignified, supportive and inclusive university experience irrespective of their background or identity.

I represent a broad range of groups, including students in the LGBT+ community, BAME students, disabled students, women students, students of faith and many more.  I also work with other officers on issues such as wellbeing, academic issues and extracurricular life!

I just finished my undergraduate degree in Politics and International Relations, and I hope to work in activism in the future. As a student I was really involved with a whole range of extracurriculars:  I served on 6 committees ranging from DramSoc to Debating and working on the Democratic Standards Committee with the SU.  I’ve previously worked in the charity sector, having worked in UNHCR, set up my own LGBT+ policy writing charity and worked in fundraising for disabled access to public spaces. This mishmash of student involvement and activism has let me meet so many new people from diverse backgrounds and with unique stories and has made me cognizant of the various needs of students on campus. 

Being a student can be really tough and there shouldn’t be barriers to any one of us feeling comfortable here at Bristol. Whether it's in a lecture hall or a nightclub, I’ll be pushing for an inclusive environment all year round. It’s not all doom and gloom though! Our many networks provide a space for students and are a great way to meet new people and have some fun during your years at Bristol!

I can’t achieve this without talking to you though! If you have an idea for a campaign, an irritating obstacle you need assistance overcoming, or just fancy a cup of tea and a chat just pop over to my desk, slide into my DM’s on Facebook or drop me an email!

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Here's what I'm working on this year:

Violence and harassment reporting and support

  • Push for a hard launch and the promotion of Report and Support, with more counsellors to support students.
  • Establish SVLO's team independant of schools and faculties

More inclusive university spaces 

  • Ensure new University buildings or redevelopments include seperate prayer spaces for muslim students, gender neutral toilets, and are fully accessible to disabled students.

Diverse and inclusive academic experience

  • Push for an academic oriented response to the BME Attainment Gap.
  • Push for a review of HR practices to ensure that we have a diverse academic staff body.

EDI education for student leaders

  • Roll out guidelines to student groups, student leaders on making their groups inclusive to LGBT+ students and disabled students.
  • Develop a wholistic strategy to tackle sexual-harassment and violence on campus pro-actively

More inclusive wellbeing support

  • Ensure wellbeing support staff (counsellors, wellbeing advisors, personal tutors) have comprehensive training on the EDI issues facing  students and how they can support them effectively.

My big plan: