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Julio: Union Affairs Officer

Hello, my name is Julio. I am an international law student from Kenya, East Africa and I will be your Union Affairs Officer for this year. 
My role is all about FUN! From student groups and extracurricular activities – I’ll be working to represent societies, democratic networks and student-led campaigns!
My journey at the University began in Sept 2015 when I started my degree. I represented my friends and hall-mates as President of the JCR in Clifton Hill House, represented my course mates as a Course Rep from Years 1 to 3 and as the Faculty Rep for Social Sciences and Law. In my second year, I successfully established the first University Of Bristol East African Society. On the more fun side, I played rugby for UBRFC the uni rugby team in my first two years here at Bristol and in my final year played football for the UBLC Law Intramural football team. All of which were facilitated by the powers, services and opportunities provided by our SU! 
I strongly believe that life at uni should not only be centred around academia but should also be an environment for one to fulfil or realise their full potential. Through Bristol SU there’s an opportunity for everyone to find a home outside of their degree – whether that’s discovering a new hobby or forming a new network of lifelong friends.
That’s why my aims for this year are to introduce a UoB/Bristol SU Mobile App that will improve student experience, offer further support to student groups and rejuvenate the belief in the Student’s Union. If you’ve got any exciting ideas or irritating obstacles ahead, suggestions or even criticisms get in touch over email or Facebook and let’s start a conversation! 
Let’s Champion Community Care and Contribution within the Campus Heart! 

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My big plan:

Improve SU and University communications

  • UoB and SU app that helps students
  • SU presence in faculties, UoB website
  • Ensure the Campus Heart Initiative reflects students’ needs by including a food court and a student bar.

Student ownership of UoB spaces

  • Identify unused space that could be used for students – opening up lecture theaters, using unused rooms for student storage
  • Change name of Richmond Building to the SU
  • SU spaces in Senate House and interior design stuff

Supporting Societies

  • Benchmark achievement grants – grants that help new societies do their first activities, incentives to keep going
  • Introduction of ‘Society of the Month’ Awards.
  • Fair and equal distribution of locker and storage space for societies within the SU.

More inclusive, collaborative societies

  • Encouraging collaboration between student groups
  • Mandatory E&D training to improve intersectionality in society group committees

Lower cost of living

  • University providing some basic student services for free - Free washing in halls (1 per week), bus travel around the city, etc
  • Grants and loans for asylum seekers – increasing hardship grant
  • Raise awareness of the Totum discount card and try to get more deals for students in local shops, restaurants and grocery shops

Here's what I've done so far:

+ Policy

Require the SU to support an increase in the budget of the Freedom of Information Team at Bristol University  - 05/06/2018

Needs Ratification

Establish a Multifaith Network - 05/06/2018

Needs Ratification

Denounce Brexit - 27/02/2018

Needs Ratification

Require the SU to host hustings for all Full Time Officer positions - 16/11/2017


  • Hustings were held for March 2018 elections.

Approving Bristol SU Networks Standing Mandates - 16/11/2017

Needs Ratification

  • Nov 18 - Standing Mandates adopted.

Democracy Review - Terms of Reference - 5/06/2017


  • Oct 17 - Networks using Terms of Reference.

Keep Bristol Venues Open - 5/06/2017


Canteen for lunch breaks - 21/03/2017


  • April 2018 – Ongoing; this is tied up in the Campus Heart redevelopment of Tyndall Place.

More Student Voices: Integrate voter registration with enrolment - 26/01/2017


  • April 2018 – Met with Lynn – looking at sector wide interest in this and how to achieve.
  • April 2017 – Jen has replied and can see the benefits but it is a challenging time for the University to embark on new initiatives due to SLSP. Hesitant on capacity. May fit in well with timeline for the revised registration system in Jan 18.
  • Have made contact with Lynn and Jen Morgan to start a conversation about the feasibility of implementing the 'Sheffield model'.
  • Working with Bite the Ballot to compile evidence supporting the model.

Remove Group Grants membership fee requirement - 06/06/2016


Safe Space Policy Reform - 06/06/2016


  • Safe Space Policy will be removed from the website and not used as soon as 'Anti-discrimination and harrasement statement' has been approved by student council. It is currently being drafted. 
  • Revised Code of Conduct will be published on the website, which now includes the sentances from the 'Safe Space Policy', and the explination in action 4.
  • Reviewing the webpages on the website that will support this motion to include all clear statements mandated by the policy. (Actions 5a,5b)

Re-affirming Commitment to Constructive and Safe Debate on Israel Palestine - 15/03/2016


Union to Support Britain remaining in the EU - 18/02/2016


  • We are currently compiling a discussion paper to ask the student body how they would like us to lobby in regards to Brexit discussion (if at all) and what our focusses should be.
  • The Students' Union has promoted students registering to vote in order to be able to vote in the referendum on the 23rd June. The SU has promoted why a Remain vote is in the best interests of students via blogs and on social media. We are in discussions with student groups how we can support pro-EU groups in the campaigning that they do.

Divesting from Israel’s Illegal Occupation of the West Bank - 18/02/2016


Support the campaign against immigration detention and the #SurroundYarlsWood protest - 18/02/2016


  • Referred to Bristol SU Trustee Board and overturned at Trustee Board due to the contents of the motion being considered an ultra vires and outside of our aims as a charity.

Move Bristol SU to Campus! - 18/02/2016


  • April 2018 – Ongoing; Campus heart advisory group has been established and involves student representation.
  • April 2017 – Currently filling space requirements for Tyndall Place Programme
  • Feb 2017 – Still working as part of the Tyndall Place Programme Board to ensure the SU has space on the redeveloped Tyndall Place including more student owned space.
  • Bristol SU have spoken to the Vice-Chancellor about the need for space on the university precinct. Officers from Bristol SU sit on the University committee which is looking at the re-development of Tyndall Avenue and continue to raise this issue in all meetings both operationally and strategically. A committment to SU prescence on campus has been committed to in the university strategy. A paper from the SU will be developed in the upcoming months
  • Jamie has met with the Tyndall Place Programme Board manager and are working together to ensure that the consultation with staff and students is focussed appropriately.

Increase the Availability of University Resources to Student Groups - 28/01/2016


End Blacklisting at UoB - 29/10/2015


  • Estates and Procurement looking into their future contracts but have said it is not something that they would that the University would want to support or condone

Support a Strike Ballot - 29/10/2015


  • Have informed NUS saying that Bristol SU supports a ballot on strike action

UBU should provide a public access automatic external defibrillator (aed) in the richmond building  - 10/03/2015


  • Investigation into feasibility is underway. In prinicpal approval has been given by UoB. Seeking advice from SW Ambulance Service. Funding will need to be sought before it can go ahead.

UBU should strive towards fairer pay  - 10/03/2015


Change the name of 'the richmond building' to 'the university of bristol students' union building' - 10/03/2015


  • Referendum held and not enough students voted to meet quoracy

Renewed: Ban slates in UBU elections - 29/01/2015


Detail the definition of ‘woman’ in the UBU byelaws - 29/01/2015


  • Change has been reflected in the byelaws

Supporting the Free Education Demo - 30/10/2014


  • 05/03/15 - A coachload of students were taken to London on the 19th November 2014 to go on the demonstration.