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Julius: International Students Officer

Julio has now left Bristol SU and has returned home to Kenya.

Our officers are still working to represent you. If you need to speak to an officer about something affecting you as an international student, please contact:

  • Undergraduate Education – Hillary
  • Postgraduate Education – Chris
  • Equality, Liberation and Access – Jason
  • Student Living - George
  • Union Affairs – Julio
  • Sport and Student Development – Amy

Hello, I’m Julius Ogayo, the International Students Officer at Bristol SU. My role is to support international students to integrate into the University of Bristol community and ensure that they have the best experience of Bristol as they undertake their studies here. In short, I seek to make University of Bristol home away from home for International Students. 

I was a postgraduate student doing a master’s in public policy before being elected in this position. I was also the course rep for MPP in the 2018-2019 class and represented my department at the Staff Student Liaison Committee at the School for policy studies. In addition, I was a member of the Education Committee, East African Society, African Caribbean Society, Debating Club, Bristol Model United Nations, International Students Network as well as the Events Officer of the Disabled Students’ Network. Being part of all these diverse groups has enabled me to represent students in various capacities and allowed me at the same time to meet new people, make friends and integrated into the Bristol community and hence feeling part of this great family. 

I’ll be working with different stakeholders in the University and Bristol SU to ensure that issues of concern for international students are addressed. I do understand the various challenges we undergo as international students due to the very fact that we come from diverse backgrounds with different cultures, education systems, and social lives. It upon this backdrop that I ran for this position so that we can create a better experience while studying at this great university. Therefore, I welcome your suggestions and feel free to be in touch, drop me an email, visit me at the SU at 3rd floor Richmond building for a chat or message me via my social media accounts.

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My big plan:

Help international students navigate university

  • Organise two events which help international students navigate University

Employability for international students

  • Organise two career events for international students
  • Review existing employability opportunities to ensure they meet the needs of international students
  • Review the way opportunities for international students are promoted so they reach more students

More black international Bristol students

  • Lobby the University to implement a target to increase the proportion of Black international students by 10% each year
  • Lobby the University to improve the resources and scholarships available to these students

Financial hardship support for international students

  • Improve promotion of current hardship fund, so more international students are aware of it
  • Increase the fund available for international students, so more students can benefit from it
  • Explore options for SU to provide more support to refugees and asylum seekers

Post-study visa extensions

  • Lobby nationally for an extension to the post-study visa for international students
  • Increase the support the University provides to international students wishing to stay in the UK after their studies

Free editing and proofreading services

  • University to provide free editing and proofreading services to assist internationl students
  • University to allow students to use Turnitin plagiarism software to check essays before submitting their work

Here's what I've done so far: