Stanford - Union Affairs Officer

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Hello, I’m Lucky Dube and I’m the Student Living officer at Bristol SU. My role involves supporting students and campaigning on issues around wellbeing, sustainability, halls, and housing. I come from Colchester, in Essex, and I read for an undergraduate degree in Music before taking up this post. In first year, I had the pleasure of being in Richmond Terrace, an annexe of Manor Hall.

As a student I got involved with many student groups: I served as President of the Journalism Society and ran communications for both the State School society (93% Club) and the University Conservative Association. In addition to this I composed music for choirs and orchestras in my spare time. I enjoyed (and still enjoy) reading poetry, philosophy, and newspapers, and walking.

If you have any issues with housing, do send me an email or send me a message on facebook – I’m here to help!

Here's what I want to do for you:

1. Assist in shaping the hall allocation system

Assist in shaping the hall allocation system such that it prioritises diverse and inclusive communities. I will also be working in JCRs to ensure that they offer a broad range of events throughout the year.

2. Focus on mental wellbeing

Focus on spreading the importance of mental wellbeing to students, especially during exam season.

3. Ensure that students are well informed before renting

Ensure that students are well informed before renting, and making sure they don’t rent too soon. In addition to this, make sure that students know their rights and know how to complain about housing if they need to.

4. Take steps to tackle high rents in halls.


You can see my full manifesto here