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Hi, I’m Mason, your Undergraduate Education Officer here at Bristol SU!

My job is to oversee your time at University from the academic to the wellbeing side of things. This includes assessments, timetabling, careers, mental health and fighting for free education!

I’m a 21 year old Economics and Management undergraduate from London. During my time at University I was the JCR President of City Centre Living, an Economics Course Rep, BME Campaigns Coordinator at Bristol SU and the Equality and Diversity Officer for The 93% Club!

I ran to be Undergraduate Education Officer because this year is an incredibly important year for Higher Education given the introduction of the Teaching Excellence Framework, accompanied by higher tuition fees. Most importantly, I ran to ensure that liberation, mental health, and wellbeing are at the centre of every decision we make and influence.

Please feel free to get in touch anytime on Facebook, Twitter or via email with any queries!


Here's what I want to do for you:

1. Increased careers support 

Increased careers support especially for students from marginalised or WP backgrounds.

2. Leading the campaign against the rise in fees

3. Liberate the curriculum

Liberate the curriculum using the outcomes from the BME Attainment Gap report.

4. Put wellbeing at the centre of academic reforms

Ensure that student wellbeing and mental health is put at the centre of the structure of the academic year and assessment reforms. 

5. Continue the modernisation of pastoral support

Continue the modernisation of pastoral support at the university to ensure it meets the needs of all students.


+ Policy

Better careers support for Arts Faculty students - 21/03/2017


Fight the HE reforms: Continue to boycott the National Student Survey! - 23/02/2017


Reform 100% assessed modules - 23/02/2017


Lobby the University to open up space on campus during periods of low demand for refugees and asylum seekers - 27/10/2016


Sabbotage the NSS! - 06/06/2016


  • SU Officers fed into the NUS consultation on how to deliver the national campaign – NUS have now confirmed that this will be a boycott of NSS rather than a sabotage. 

Red Card to the Green Paper - 01/12/2015


  • Bristol SU have produced a response to the government’s Green Paper which calls for fees not to be increased further and denouncing graduate earnings as a metric to measure teaching quality.

  • Have lobbied the university and the Russell Group on their response to these proposals.

  • Contacted all MPs in Bristol lobbying against cuts to maintenance grants. Charlotte Leslie is only MP to have voted to scrap maintenance grants.

  • Worked to mobilise students and raise awareness about the TEF through: holding a student activist meet up in Welcome Week, speaking to and signing up 100 students at Welcome Fair, theming the Tea Tent on the TEF, training course reps and faculty reps, publishing blogs, regularly emailing the campaign mailing list with updates, running a social media campaign, holding a panel event, running a session on TEF at the Regional Network we hosted and helping to have Bristol SU staff trained on the TEF. 

  • In conjunction with Bristol UCU, Officers have written an open letter to Vice-Chancellor Hugh Brady asking that the University does not participate in TEF and for full transparency to students about where the decision will be made. 

  • ZB attended an APPG roundtable in Parliament in July to address our concerns with the HE Bill directly to Jo Johnson, the Universities Minister

Lobby to change the open units policy to enable all students at the university of bristol to  study a language if they choose - 10/03/2015


  • The Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education and Students) has recently announed a series of changes to the Bristol curriculum known as Bristol Futures. Part of this will allow students to choose a pathway that allows them to study a language.

Conflict of interest in Pastoral and Disciplinary roles of Professional Programme Staff Members - 02/12/2014


  • 11/05/15 Issues were raised at relevant committees and some wording was changed in Regulations and Codes of Practice

Abolish Grade Distinctions at Graduation Ceremonies - 30/10/2014


  • I have been on the panel reviewing Graduation ceremonies at the University. I have taken this policy to the review and the panel has agreed that to get rid of grade distinctions
    The recommendations of the review are due to come into effect for June 2016

Greater Promotion of Just Ask - 29/10/2014


  • 11/05/15 Have worked with Graduate Deans to promote the service in their faculties
  • 26/5/16 both UG and PG Education Officers flagged the Just Ask service in their newsletter to academic representatives - asking them to signpost any students to Just Ask where relevant 

  • 26/5/16 - during exams period Sumemr 2016, Bristol SU has put up posters advertising the service to students 

  • 26/5/16 - Just Ask has been promoted through Mind Your Head month