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Pop-up virtual communities, bringing people together around a common interest, event or topic. Micro-Communities are free, casual, temporary and online. 

Search the noticeboard below for something that interests you. Each notice has a link which will take you to where the Community is hosted and/or where you join. You may have to create an account but you will never have to pay!

Search the noticeboard

Remember: Micro-Communities are not regulated by the SU, we are providing a listing service and do not take responsibility for the activities of these independent student communities.

Start a Micro-Community

How do I start a Micro-Community? 

Just fill in the application form below. Bristol SU will give your idea a quick check and, all being well, your idea will be added to the noticeboard above. Here’s a checklist to help your application go smoothly: 

  • Check and to make sure that your idea is not already being carried out by a Micro-Community or Bristol SU Student Group. 

  • Decide on a platform for your community members to meet. Is a Facebook group useful, or Whatsapp, or HouseParty? Check what the limitations are for each platform.

  • How will you keep people safe?

  • Work out a name for your community and come up with a sentence or two that summarises what it will do. 

What’s the difference between a Micro-Community and a Bristol SU Student Group? 

Micro-communities are more casual than an affiliated Bristol SU Student Group (e.g. Clubs, Societies and Volunteering Projects), the key differences being:  

  • They are open to all, no membership and no cost  
  • They are temporary or one-off (micro-communities will expire at the end of the academic year) 
  • They can be for smaller groups (less than 30)  
  • After set-up, communities run autonomously, without SU support   

Can a Bristol SU Student Group setup a Micro-Community? 

Yes - Bristol SU Student Groups can use Micro-Communities to test new ideas, attract new members etc.  

Can my Micro-Community become a Bristol SU Student Group if it goes well? 

Yes – Micro-Communities are a good way to test ideas. If yours goes well then you’ll be in a good position to affiliate to BristolSU and become a Society, a Sports Club or a Volunteering Project. You would still need to follow the Affiliation process here:

Are there any restrictions on what micro-communities the SU can list? 

Yes - Unfortunately, there are some types of micro-community that we are not able to list and promote, including:

  • Groups that are open to the wider public
  • Groups that organise large, special or ticketed events (including external speaker talks)
  • Groups that organise extreme or dangerous sports
  • Groups that require funds to be paid to another member or organiser of the group
  • Groups that participate in activism
  • Groups for which the activity needs to be externally regulated

For some of the above, there will be affiliated SU societies you can get involved in – you can use our find a group tool, or get in touch with our student services team to enquire 

There may also be opportunities to do these things in your community, you may want to check listings on Facebook and Gumtree.

Micro-Community Application Form


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