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International Students: Muazam Tahir


Hello, I’m Muazam and I am the International Students’ Officer at Bristol SU. I have just completed my first year of my Economics and Politics degree.

I represent international students on all aspects of the international student experience and make sure international views are represented to the university.

This year I want to increase acceptance and representation of International Students, foster a campus environment where all students are respected equally, ensure university services and procedures support those from different backgrounds, and increase the resource allocated to International Student wellbeing.

What have I done so far?



  • I have been completing my Induction and have been working to finalise my priorities for the year ahead.
  • I have met with the Career Service, the International Office, and other key University staff members to explore our shared goals for the year.
  • I am working with staff from the university to explore the International Students' Perspective -  I have extended a survey to International Students to gain their reflections.
  • I have been supporting students to access quarantine support for the summer.
  • I chaired the first meeting of the International Students' Support Group.