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Residences review referendum

The results of the Residences Review Referendum are in.

The result is in favour of the Yes team: Bristol SU will oppose any model to pastoral support, which includes a change from managing pastoral support in residences to managing pastoral support in clusters of residences ('hubs').

Full details of turnout:

  • 2963 students voted
  • 2729 voted for 'yes' (92%)
  • 234 voted for 'no' (8%)

Reacting to the referendum result, the Bristol SU Officer Team have released this statement:

"We are very pleased to see the high level of interest and engagement around this issue. The referendum has given us a clear result and direction, and we clearly hear the views of the student body.

"Specifically we recognise the level of opposition to the hub model. We will do all we can to represent students’ views on this. We will write to the Vice-Chancellor urgently to highlight this feedback and will continue to do so in our ongoing work with the University.

"Throughout the consultation process we have expressed the need for more support for students and JCRs and we will continue to raise these issues in discussion with the University."

Anyone who has questions about the referendum result should direct them to

The question:

The University of Bristol has proposed changes to the pastoral support system in residences which include a change from managing pastoral support in each residence to managing pastoral support in clusters of residences (‘hubs’).

Should Bristol SU oppose any model for pastoral support which includes this change? 

Yes or No?


Find out more about the referendum and hear from our campaigns teams below.

Hear from the Campaign Team: Yes

Read the Yes campaign team statement

Hear from the Campaign Team: No

Read the No campaign team statement

Residences Review Referendum - The Live Debate

A debate between the Yes and No campaign teams will be held to allow students to understand the arguments and ask questions.

This is will happen on Friday 9 February - all details are here.

More details


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