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Residences referendum rules and regulations

The Rules

There are 4 big referendum rules that all campaigns teams must follow:

  1. Do not do anything that another campaign team cannot do
  2. Treat all students and staff with respect
  3. The campaign leader will be held responsible for the conduct and management of the campaign and its team
  4. No acting as a Returning Officer – focus on your own campaign

Each campaign team also signs a code of conduct that adds more detail about how we expect these rules to be put into practice (like how much each campaign team can spend and when they can campaign).

If you are worried about the conduct of any campaigner or the way the referendum is being managed, please email with details.

Any complaints must be submitted before close of voting on 14th February.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a referendum?

A referendum is a vote on a yes/no decision that is open to all members of Bristol SU. Whatever the result of the referendum, Bristol SU will make sure the decision is put into effect.


How can I vote in the referendum?

You can vote in the referendum between 12 February (9am) and 14 February (9pm) at


Who can vote in the referendum?

Any full member of Bristol SU can vote in the referendum - that includes all current students and full-time officers.


What if voting is not working for me?

Voting opens at (9am) on 12 February and you must be logged in to the SU website to vote (using your university single sign-on). If you are logged in during the voting period, and it is still not working please take a screenshot of the problem and send it to


How does voting work?

The referendum will use a simple majority vote - so whichever side gets over 50% of the vote will win.

However, in order to be a valid vote, at least 5% of full members of the SU must participate (approximately 1250 students). If at least 5% of full members of the SU do not take part in the vote, the status quo - ie. the 'No' campaign - will remain.


Who can campaign in the referendum?

Anyone can campaign in the referendum but you need to be registered with the official campaigns teams.

To volunteer for the Yes campaign team, please email Tom Phillips or Ben Bloch.

To volunteer for the No campaign team, please email Lucky Dube.

Who oversees the referendum?

The referendum is overseen by a Returning Officer (a staff member or external expert) who makes sure that they are fair, transparent and successful. This year the Returning Officer is the National Union of Students (NUS) and the Deputy Returning Officer is Dani Glazzard, at Bristol SU. You can email at any time to ask the Returning Officer a question, voice a concern or report an unfair situation.


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Perhaps you're interested in leading the conversation around student living, wellbeing, value for money or other areas of student life that are important to you.

If yes - you should consider becoming a rep! Bristol SU has a team of hundreds of rep roles - part-time voluntary and full-time paid - who represent their students and bring about change for the issues that matter to them.

Nominate yourself or a friend at by 1 March.