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Equality, Liberation and Access Officer: Des Ibekwe

Hello! I'm Des Ibekwe and I'm running to be the Equality, Liberation and Access Officer for the academic year 2017/18. I'm currently in my final year studying Law at the University. I have particular interest in the role as the difficulties faced by many liberations identities is amplified at Bristol in particular due to the lack of diversity in the student body as a whole. For this reason, it's important to have minority interests represented at the union level.

I am the current publicity officer for Pro Bono Society and a representative for Amicus ALJ. I have also previously been a Secretary of the African Caribbean Association. These experiences have all contributed to make me a capable candidate.

My priorities as ELA officer are centered around Visibility and Proactivity.  Over the past year there have been incidents that the university has failed to deal with adequately.



  • Liberation Forum weeks support LGBT+, Women, Disabled Students and BME events and schemes that will aim to both boost morale and a sense of community at the university.
  • Campaigning and identifying issues such a transphobia, microaggressions and ableism.

Greater diversity:

  • Making the environment more appealing for those who are not 'rich, pale and male', going to schools in and around Bristol, encouraging students from different backgrounds to attend.
  • Working closer with organizations such as RARE and SEO to deal with the issue with diversity beyond university, dealing with the employability


Support for liberation identities:

  • Create spaces within the university for women of color who face both sexism and racism, greater support for double minorities
  • Subsidized facilities for disabled students, including lobbying the university to ensure the provision of discounted travel and specialized equipment.
  • I will work with the newly established Trans network chair, to improve support given to transgendered students.  
  • Be more reactive to the needs of minority and liberation identities throughout the year. I will ensure that there are monthly focus groups with chairs of networks

Preventative measures

  • Provide an improved, comfortable and effective complaints mechanism to report discriminatory behaviour coupled with a zero tolerance policy.
  • Lobby the university for compulsory consent classes upon university registration and work on rolling out consent handbooks, available in all study spaces


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