The Best Student Life. Bristol SU

Sport and Student Development Officer: John House


This year as an Officer I have:

  1. Cut the cost of sport, with significant reductions in cost and more flexibility (To be revealed in April).

  2. Rebranded Bristol's sporting identity, bringing in #WeAreBristol to unite our students.

  3. Made our Varsity series the biggest in the UK, with more individual events, more competitors in better locations than any other University.

  4. Expanded development opportunities, through an online platform and more peer-driven support.

  5. Broken down barriers to participation, through doubling the amount of students taking part in This Bristol Girl Can.

Many of these projects are at halfway stages and I am passionate to see them through to the end. If I had the privilege of a second year, I will hit the ground running.


I will increase the numbers of students playing sport at every level:

  • Flexible sports passes: Continue work on the pricing review, ensuring students get the most flexible deal, no matter what level of sports pass they purchase

  • Better sports club funding and support: Source extra funding for clubs, reduce membership costs for students and continue my Whole Sport Project which offers clubs clearer funding structures.

  • The Participation Series:  Establish a series of mass-participation events into the SU calendar, from mass Zumba to colour runs, culminating in more students participating in Varsity than ever before

  • Embed liberation and access: Campaign to remove any barriers to sport or activity such as faith, gender and ability and increase collaboration between sports clubs and liberation groups   


I will build support and development opportunities for everyone:

  • Prioritise wellbeing: Ensure the University values students' wellbeing as much as our academic and personal development.  Happiness is as important as employability.  

  • Remove barriers from careers: Lobby for better career support for students from disadvantaged backgrounds through industry-specific mentoring schemes.

  • Leadership opportunities for all: Open up leadership development opportunities to all students and improve training for groups.


I will enhance the Bristol sporting experience at every level:

  • Build pride: Continue to build an even greater sense of pride in our sporting achievements through higher University and Union endorsement

  • Celebration: Create schemes such as Team of the month and Maroon Wednesdays for all clubs and raise the profile of Intramural sport: everyone is part of the community  

  • Streamline room/facility bookings: Work on room and facility bookings to ensure there is a transparent and fair system.