The Best Student Life. Bristol SU

Union Affairs Officer: Stanford


I'm Stanford, a final year Politics student and lover of the extracurricular! At Bristol, I've been President of both the Operatic and Massage societies, Treasurer of Pantomime, Secretary of the Music Society, and spent a year volunteering as Communications Coordinator for European Youth Parliament UK.

I'm running for this position because my opportunities through the Union - managing groups, directing shows, meeting incredible individuals and building myself as a person - have given me a passion for representing students and devoting myself to the Union life that has been my home here!

The SU's problems include a lack of communication, space and care, which prevent students from the pursuit of all their extracurricular ambitions. I want more from our Union. Give me your vote and we'll change it together!



  • Establish a Union Mental Health Service. It's not enough for our Union to function as a signpost for other services, we need to act in keeping the university experience a positive one.

  • Continue lobbying the university to expand their Mental Health Services, and create a joint-action plan on mental health between the Union and university.

  • Work for inclusion of international, part-time and mature students in societies and groups for greater representation.

  • I will personally approach all 330+ Union groups and conduct a mini-census of their concerns, needs and priorities.

  • Act on student complaints throughout my tenure, such as ‘more vegan options at the union-bar and air conditioning in the Stacy Room.


  • Establish a submission system for student complaints.

  • Expand dialogue on SU progress regarding complaints, student motions and their direction.

  • Increase Start-up Funds and support for newly formed societies, and expand the grant program for group growth.

  • Promote student access to society sessions and workshops though noticeboards and whiteboards in the Union and on campus.

  • Push exposure for society media groups (TV/Radio/Newspaper/Photography), particularly in Union promotion.


  • Continue the push for a second Union Building on-campus.

  • Increase student priority for Union spaces fewer internal events in AR6 and locked functional office-spaces when we have limited room already!

  • Continue reform of the Room-Booking System based upon differing society priorities.

  • Explore external spaces in the university and city for student activity and minimise burden on groups for their use.

  • Set up a Room-Booking app.

These will be my priorities if elected - thanks for your support and don't forget to vote!