Annual Members Meeting

Students sitting in a lecture theatre

The Annual Members' Meeting (AMM) is the Students' Union's largest democratic event. It takes place once a year in February and the University suspends teaching so that all students can attend.

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AMM - 23 February 2017



  1. Introduction to the meeting
  2. Approval of Bristol SU’s affiliations
  3. Updates from the Elected Officers
  4. Discussion and voting on student submissions
  5. Notices

    1. Trump the ban - PASSED
    2. Full-time International Students’ Officer - PASSED
    3. Fight the HE reforms: continue to Boycott the National Student Survey!  - PASSED with amendment
    4. Combating Antisemitism   - PASSED with amendment
    5. Reform 100% Assessed Modules  - PASSED
    6. Defend migrants and support free movement   - PASSED
    7. Support Student Rent Strikes   - PASSED
    8. Make it policy to have specific accessibility information for events available upfront - To be discussed at Student Council 21/3/17
    9. Commitment to the environment   - To be discussed at Student Council 21/3/17
    10. Better careers support for Arts Faculty students   - To be discussed at Student Council 21/3/17
    11. Fight climate change   - To be discussed at Student Council 21/3/17
    12. Bring back the Mandela Bar!   -To be discussed at Student Council 21/3/17
    13. Canteen for lunch breaks  - To be discussed at Student Council 21/3/17
    14. Bristol University should improve its contribution to Neglected Disease Research - PASSED


Previous AMM Info:

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The results for 2014/15 Annual Members Meeting: 19 Feb 2015

The Democratic Standards Committee:

The DSC includes the Chair of Student Council, the Union Affairs Officer and five students elected at the first Student Council of the year. It is responsible for ensuring that Bristol SU's structures and democracy are accessible, fair and productive for all students. The DSC also sets the agenda for each Student Council meeting, and the Annual Members' Meeting, deciding which items should be discussed, how, and in what order. When necessary, the DSC may determine that a formal motion is unnecessary, or an item is better discussed by a different group - at a liberation forum, for example, or via an all-student referenda.