Equality, Liberation and Access Officer

Hannah Dualeh - Bristol SU Equality Liberation and Access officerHannah Dualeh - Equality, Liberation and Access Officer

Hiya, I’m Hannah Dualeh, your Equality, Liberation and Access Officer here at Bristol Students’ Union! 

I’m here to ensure that all students have equal opportunities, that means I work towards removing the barriers that marginalised identities face. A key part of my role is to ensure that underrepresented groups who face multiple oppressions are not only heard, but have the necessary support they need. 

I’m from Liverpool, one of the greatest cities in the world, and it's not just because of the Beatles! Fun fact about me is I’m also American, so my accent is a rare hybrid of the two places. Come have a chat with me to experience it firsthand! 
During my studies, I was heavily involved in student liberation campaigns like ‘Why is my Curriculum White?’ because  I’m passionate about making sure we work towards removing barriers of oppression that unjustly impact students during their time at Bristol. 

I want to continue fighting for a diverse, representative and fair campus. My goal this year is to protect, support and equip marginalised/and or underrepresented groups. 

My priorities this year are: 

  • Embed liberation into mental health services - e.g. running self-care workshops for different liberation identities.  
  • Run and support liberation and welfare campaigns & policy- e.g . standing against the racist government Prevent Agenda 
  • Supporting disabled students & services e.g.- helping to develop the Disabled Students Network 
  • Tackle sexual harassment and violence on campus- e.g. accessible online Consent Guide
  • Improve accessibility for students from different backgrounds -  e.g. lobby university for accommodation bursaries 

I’d love to be your friend and get to know  you! You can add me on Facebook by clicking here.

If you want to know more about my plans and what I do you can email me!