Sport and Student Development Officer

John House - Bristol SU Sport and Student Development OfficerJohn House - Sport and Student Development Officer

Hi, I’m John House and I am the Sport and Student Development Officer. My role is to help Sports clubs within the University and help Students develop skills and undergo training outside of their studies.

I’ve been at the University of Bristol since 2012, initially studying History as an Undergraduate and then Film and Television Production as a Postgraduate. Throughout my whole time at the University I’ve been heavily involved and interested in sport, with two years as the Men’s Volleyball captain and one year as the Volleyball Club Captain.

I absolutely love the University of Bristol, the Students Union and the City itself, so expect to see me supporting as much of the great work students do as possible, as well as our beloved establishments on the Triangle.

My priorities for the year ahead include:

  • Work closely with the University to build a community around sport at Bristol that students can both feel proud of, and engage with, through increased publicity and enthusiasm around the great work that happens already every day
  • Continue the hard work of my predecessors by continuing to lobby for change within the sports pass, particularly around the introduction of shorter-term passes and different payment options.
  • Spend time removing the barriers to participation that remain, therefore increasing the numbers of students involved in activity at Bristol, particularly through the great initiatives that already exist such as Get Active or Fit and Fab.
  • Streamline personal development opportunities for students, ensuring they are easily accessible to all, as well as monitoring the way they are delivered, ensuring they remain as relevant as possible.

If you ever have questions or ideas, or simply want to have a chat then don’t hesitate to get in touch either by email or on Facebook.