Undergraduate Education Officer

Zoe Backhouse - Bristol SU Undergraduate Education OfficerZoe Backhouse - Undergraduate Education Officer

Hi, I’m Zoe Backhouse, and I’m the Undergraduate Education Officer at Bristol SU. I lead on Undergraduates’ academic needs, which covers things like curriculum, assessment and course costs, as well as mental health, identity and access to education. 

A fun fact about me is that I am only a second year Undergraduate. I have taken a year out of my Liberal Arts degree to do this role, but will be heading off on my year abroad come September 2017. I am also a passionate dog lover and am investigating multiple ways to sneak my dachshund into the office. If you ever want to talk about dogs (cats are cool too), feel free to message me. 

I was passionate to run for Undergraduate Education Officer because of the dramatic changes that are happening to Higher Education this year, including rising tuition fees.  This led me to base my manifesto on free education, a liberated curriculum and students’ mental health as a priority in any changes to UG education.

I aim to:

  • Campaign against proposed higher fees for Undergraduate students
  • Commit the University to annual scholarships for refugees and asylum seekers
  • Cut hidden costs through secondhand book fairs, reduced printing and free hot water 
  • Tackle the attainment gap for home Black and Minority Ethnic students 
  • Push for student-designed assessment and support a student-led decolonisation of the curriculum
  • Build a year in industry for Arts and Social Sciences students to work with creative and ethical organisations in Bristol
  • Embed students’ mental health as a priority for the University and improve the Extenuating Circumstances system

You can get in touch with me anytime on Facebook, Twitter or via email with ideas, issues and queries.  No question is a stupid question one and no problem is too big or small!