What is a JCR?

A Junior Common Room (JCR) is a student committee that is elected every year to represent students within their residences. Most committees meet around once or twice a fortnight and will spend their time representing all your voices and interests, as well as coordinating a diverse social calendar and organising activities that you have asked for.

At the start of the year you pay a JCR fee, which means you can have your say about what activities and events you would like to happen in your residences.


How the JCR Committee feed into representation:

The Student Living Officer is a full-time elected student who is responsible for housing and accommodation, student wellbeing, mental health and sustainability. They are there to improve the student experience in those areas and so the JCR Committees can work with and feed into the officer to ensure students' voices are being represented.  Being part of your JCR is a fantastic way to immediately become integrated in the wider system of democracy and representation at Bristol SU and the University. 


Who is in the JCR?

Each JCR will have a slightly different set up of roles and positions.  This is a possible set-up of a JCR, with the grey bubbles representing opportunities for even more positions:

How can I be involved with my JCR? 

JCRs are elected annually in October, when you can nominate yourself and create a statement of your intentions for the year.

What will I get up to? 

Welcome Week

  • one of the biggest things you will organise in the year

Democracy and representation

  • any elected representative is able to bring a motion forward or vote at either Student Council or the Annual Members Meeting
  • JCR members will also be frequently communicating with wardens and officers at the Union
  • the JCR is part of the wider representation framework that helps dictate the direction and aims of the Students' Union

Collecting feedback

  • you'll be constantly speaking to students in your residence
  • you can set up a suggestions box in your hall
  • have a JCR Facebook account - etc!

Producing a diverse social calendar

  • a diverse range of students move into halls and it is your role to consider these groups in the decisions you make
  • you have responsibility over ensuring every student is catered for and represented in the events you organise

End of term events 

  • most halls of residence organise an end of year formal - get everyone on board as this is likely to be a big job!

Attend JCR Training / Socials

  • the SU frequently holds training and socials throughout the year for representative students 
  • there is often free food

Holding meetings

  • it's important to hold regular committee meetings and discuss the activity and wellbeing of the residence

Recording finances

  • you are responsible for the expenditure and book-keeping of the JCR fund paid by students at the beginning of the year
  • you will be given lots of support and training from your SSA, Senior Resident, Deputy Warden and the SU on how to spend the JCR fund


How can the Students' Union help me?

For the elections we will be providing constant support and guidance for nominees as well as top tips every day during election period.  

Your Student Living Officer, Stephen, is always on hand to be emailed, as is your Student Residential Experience Coordinator who is dedicated to working with the JCR and Halls of Residence. 

You can also contact your Senior Residents, SSAs, Wardens and our advice service: Just Ask.