Disabled Students' Officer

Disabled Students' Officer - Dolcie PaxtonDisabled Students' Officer - Dolcie Paxton

I am the Disabled Students' Officer here at Bristol SU and I work with the Equality, Liberation and Access Officer to represent the interests of disabled students.

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Hi, my name is Dolcie and I strongly believe that university should be a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone regardless of their health and personal circumstances!!

University can sometimes become difficult for students who have health problems affecting their everyday lives. I know from my personal experience with rheumatoid arthritis that this can impact on studying, social life and self-esteem and make the transition to university life difficult.

But this doesn't have to always be the case! I want to use my personal experiences to build awareness and support amongst the student body to enable people to feel comfortable and have more confidence talking about their disabilities.

I would put an enormous amount of effort into this role in order to remove the stigma and perceptions that surround this topic.

What are my main aims?

  • Hold a careers day involving professionals who have faced similar issues, to talk to students and inspire them to reach their goals.

  • Set up drop-in sessions to provide 1:1 peer support if needed.

  • Run a disability awareness week to educate staff and students about all types of disability, including those which may seem “invisible”.

  • Set up a stronger support system for freshers to aid their transition into university life.

Please give me the opportunity to improve and add to the services within the university for disabled students. I will always make time to listen to your concerns and opinions. I will provide a united voice within the university and help in any way I can. We may be a minority but it is important that our voices are heard.