International Students' Officer

​International Students' Officer - Meghna JeetahInternational Students' Officer - Meghna Jeetah

I am the International Students' Officer here at Bristol SU I work with the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Education Officers and the Student Living Officer to ensure that international students' interests are represented within the University and the union.

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Here is my manifesto:

Hello! I’m Meghna, a second-year Law student. I am from Mauritius, a little island in the Indian Ocean, which is complemented by a multi-ethnic and cultural population.                   

As a second-year international undergraduate at Bristol, I’ve personally experienced that settling in as an international student isn’t always easy. For instance, having to deal with opening student bank accounts to experiencing the famous fresher’s week can be quite overwhelming. I also hold the view that international students are under-represented in many aspects of University, for which I am willing to change. 


I plan to:

  • Ensure smoother transitions and inductions during and after Fresher’s week so that international students can easily adjust and feel at home at university in no time.
  • Create a standardised system for holding international Fresher’s events prior to Fresher’s week. This will allow international students to get to know each other first, and to adjust to the new culture.
  • Represent international students and bring to the table issues that are relevant to them in their particular circumstances.
  • Develop better relationships with the university’s international societies, organizations and offices. 
  • Encourage international students to take advantage of the social aspect of university life by persuading them to join and take part in social and sporting activities from the very start of their programmes.
  • Implement a feedback system where international students can personally share their experiences at the university and what they would like to see improve in the future.           

My aim is to create an environment where international relationships can flourish even more! No one should feel isolated; just because you haven’t grown up here, it doesn’t mean that you don’t belong!