LGBT+ Officer

LGBT+ Officer - Francesca GluscevicLGBT+ Officer - Francesca Gluscevic

I am the LGBT+ Officer here at Bristol SU and I work with the Equality, Liberation and Access Officer to represent the interests of LGBT+ students.

I will make change by...

I want to build connections within our university and outside it.

  • QTPOCs are marginalised both in and out of the community. I will tackle this by amplifying their voices via more events, working with the BME forum as their LGBT+ rep and creating a monthly session for QTPOCs.
  • I will hold events about Black QTs people during Black History month. I will work with the BME Forum and the ACE societyto bring this to a reality by holding cultural events celebrating QTPOCs contributions and students. These being panels, workshops and debates with QTPOCs at the forefront.
  • I want to hold bigger campaigns and work with the Bristolian LGBT+ Community and our siblings from another parent (UWE)


I want LGBT+ students to feel integrated and confident within their place within the union and the wider university campus.

  • I will increase promotion with Visibility Weeks by introducing new events to diversify the weeks. For example, during Bi+ Visibility week, a panel discussing the issues faced by Bi+ people within both communities.
  • I aim to create a LBGT+ arts and culture night. This would also include creative art forms that people would like to put on to showcase the talented students within the university.
  • The LBGT+ Society has compiled a database of Gender Neutral Toilets within Bristol. I will produce a readily available map, which would be distributed via leaflets during the Fresher’s fair and also displayed in each of the Halls of Residence.
  • Societies are awesome and should be inclusive and open to LGBT+ people. I pledge to meet and discuss with presidents of societies about how they can become more inclusive. I want to introduce the idea of preferred gendered pronouns into signup sheets during fresher’s week, during tournaments and during AGMs.


LGBT+ wellbeing
I want to ensure that LGBT+ students have support.

  • I aim to work with the Student Health Service more closely. Having workshops and talks that are specifically aimed at LGBT+ people with mental health conditions.
  • I will work with the Survivors Network to target the needs of LGBT+ Survivors. I would like to help organise monthly LGBT+ survivors meetings in partnership, in order for students to have a safe environment in which to talk.