Mature & Part Time Students' Officer

​Mature & Part Time Students' Officer - Jonathon LeggMature & Part Time Students' Officer - Jonathon Legg

I am the Mature and Part Time Students' Officer at Bristol SU and I work with the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Education officers to ensure the interests of mature and part-time students are represented within the University and the union.

Here is my manifesto:

1) To make sure that all Mature and Part time students , have the same access and support as all other Students.So they can mantain a full role in the life of the University.

 2) To ensure that Mature and Part time students have  access and training to Information Technology and other skills to allow them to produce High quality Work at all times.  

 3) To encourage the University to continue with financial support for all those Students whose individual needs and experiences will require them to have continued support. Look into giving career advice tailored to those already with experience of life outside University.